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  • New Builds24 May, 2017

    Super expectations

    The first Swan 95 S, has just touched the water of the Baltic Sea for the first time.

  • New Builds22 May, 2017

    Arcadia’s hot new evolution

    Italian yacht builder reveals its next steps for a design collaboration with Hot Lab, including...

  • New Builds18 May, 2017

    Supercar marque’s first superyacht

    Monaco-based Dynamiq has revealed the first of a new series of superyachts with Porsche DNA, the...

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  • New Builds18 May, 2017

    Squadron supreme

    The Squadron 65 is the latest in the Squadron range from Fairline Yachts.

  • New Builds18 May, 2017

    Ahoy Elsea!

    CCN launches Elsea; its first 50-metre, fully custom-made aluminium yacht.

  • Design17 May, 2017

    Italian for expedition

    Italian flare and masculinity meets performance in Eurocraft’s 46-metre expedition concept from...

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The ocean is meant to be explored; discover perfect locations.

  • Travel18 May, 2017

    Kimberley Coast in the spotlight

    The Voyager's Award at this year's World Superyacht Awards went to 49-metre motor yacht Glaze,...

  • Charter10 May, 2017

    The Burgess AC charter winners

    Burgess has a selection of superyachts offering a perfect America’s Cup entertainment platform.

  • Travel10 May, 2017

    Stay, day and play club

    A new way of enjoying the superyacht lifestyle allows members to enjoy the myriad pleasures of...

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  • Travel29 Apr, 2017

    Australia’s own underwater wonder

    Famed underwater sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor will soon visit Townsville and North Queensland,...

  • Travel20 Apr, 2017

    Venture to paradise

    Yachting guru and founder of Fleming Yachts, Tony Fleming, invites you to Venture with him to the...

  • Charter20 Apr, 2017

    New, improved addition

    Ocean Alliance welcome ĀKIKŌ to the Australian and South Pacific charter...

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Keep up to date with legislation, awards and everything in between.

  • Regional29 May, 2017

    Legend lines up for overhaul

    Yachting Developments is pleased to have welcomed the 80ft maxi yacht Lion New Zealand to the yard,...

  • International23 May, 2017

    MYBA show in numbers

    The first MYBA Charter Show held in Barcelona, Spain was deemed a success, based on attendance...

  • International22 May, 2017

    Growing capacity at Oyster

    After shelling out on new facilities, the yacht builder is poised to speed up production.

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  • Environmental22 May, 2017

    Love story with a message

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Cannes this week, presenting a film he narrated and co-produced at the...

  • Regional20 May, 2017

    Re-berth of Christchurch

    New marina facilities will provide a boating boon to Christchurch's historic port town of Lyttelton.

  • Regional20 May, 2017

    Gold rush

    The Gold Coast is one crucial step closer to realising the lucrative Cruise Ship Terminal, securing...

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The latest gadgets, toys and technology that are shaping the yachting industry.

  • Toys10 May, 2017

    Sub fascination

    Submersibles are creating waves in superyacht circles, more popular than ever before at...

  • Technology04 May, 2017

    Art for your ears

    Listening to music never looked so good! Bespoke ear gear from Noble Audio takes the simple act of...

  • Toys29 Apr, 2017

    Pep up your propulsion

    The dynamic, portable and compact Bixpy Jet offers divers and watersports fantatics a new form of...

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  • Toys21 Apr, 2017

    Fish finding drone

    Aiming to revolutionise the recreational fishing market, the PowerRay drone from PowerVision, is a...

  • Technology21 Apr, 2017

    Deep sea adventure

    Adventurers and avid explorers will soon be able to see first-hand the most fascinating depths of...

  • Toys21 Apr, 2017

    Flying future is here

    Aeromobil, the convertible car to aircraft, garnered international amazement and acclaim at its...

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  • Toys20 Apr, 2017

    Making a splash

    FunAir launches their Superyacht Lagoon Pool - Aussie Edition at the Sanctuary Cove Boat...

  • Technology20 Apr, 2017

    Connect the dots

    The advanced superyacht booking system, LuxBerths, has launched in Asia.

  • Toys11 Apr, 2017

    Green go-kart

    The electric-powered JETPAD go-kart is a fast and environmentally-friendly water toy that will rev...

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The ocean lifestyle extends well beyond the water.

  • Emporium15 May, 2017

    A wrinkle in time

    Maximilian Busser and Friends Mechanical Art Devices Gallery present artisan Schlumpf’s...

  • Emporium15 May, 2017

    Keeping you safe

    BUBEN&ZORWEG unveil its new Masterpieces collection of luxury safes.

  • Trends10 May, 2017

    Stay, day and play club

    A new way of enjoying the superyacht lifestyle allows members to enjoy the myriad pleasures of...

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  • Momentum27 Apr, 2017

    Ferrari fun at sea

    In a world first collaboration with Ferrari, the new cruise liner, Norwegian Joy will offer...

  • Emporium12 Apr, 2017

    Super key

    Make like 007 and control your supercar, or superyacht, with your beautifully bespoke bangle,...

  • Emporium12 Apr, 2017

    Saber the flavour

    Why merely pop the cork when you can slice it with a sabre like a pro, astounding your guests and...

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  • Momentum22 Mar, 2017

    Road to a new modern masterpiece

    Bugatti and Palmer Johnson have revived the supercar brand's boating past in the first of a new...

  • Momentum05 Apr, 2017

    Two-wheeler Bugatti

    Bugatti has teamed up with German bike manufacturer, PG to create a limited edition push bike in the...

  • Momentum23 Mar, 2017

    Third PC-24 Prototype takes wing

    The third and final PC-24 Prototype, PO3 took off recently on its maiden flight over Switzerland,...

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A front-row seat to all the regattas, boat shows and product launches.

  • Boat shows28 May, 2017

    SCIBS hailed best since pre-GFC

    The 29th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show has been stamped with the ultimate seal of approval...

  • Boat shows28 May, 2017

    Rendezvous roundup

    The inaugural Australian Superyacht Rendezvous staged 19 and 20 May at Gold Coast City Marina...

  • Boat shows28 May, 2017

    Record setting at SCIBS

    Horizon Motor Yachts Australia celebrated a major milestone at Sanctuary Cove International Boat...

  • Social24 May, 2017

    Awards celebrate Aussie excellence

    After a successful first day at the ASMEX 2017 conference, the Australian Marine Industry last night...

  • Boat shows18 May, 2017

    Propulsion revs up at SCIBS

    Engine brands, alternative power and stability systems will be back in force at the 29th Sanctuary...

  • Boat shows18 May, 2017

    GC Expo gives back

    Gold Coast International Boat Show & Marine Expo have donated proceeds to deserving local...

  • Boat shows17 May, 2017

    Cannes show turning 40

    While many of us this week are thinking about Cannes Film Festival, there’s another big Cannes...

  • 15 May, 2017

    Australian Superyacht Rendezvous

    The inaugural Superyacht Rendezvous on the Gold Coast - 19 and 20 May - will shine a light on...

  • 12 May, 2017

    ASMEX unites and excites

    The upcoming ASMEX conference, 22 to 24 May will feature high calibre speakers drawn from the...

  • Boat shows11 May, 2017

    Sanctuary’s scintillating Show

    The 29th edition of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is set to dazzle on the Gold Coast -...

  • Boat shows10 May, 2017

    Sub fascination

    Submersibles are creating waves in superyacht circles, more popular than ever before at...

  • Boat shows27 Apr, 2017

    Pittwater show time

    Some of the boating world's best known marques will be on display at the inaugural Pittwater Boat...