New Year Spa

Capella Bangkok’s spa respite.

14 April 2024


In the heart of Bangkok, the Capella Bangkok is offering a respite from the pulsating heat of Thai summertime. This April, as Thailand pulsates with the vibrant spirit of ‘sanuk’ in celebration of the Songkran festival, the Capella Bangkok launches its Jai Yen Yen package, an invitation to indulge in a fusion of tradition and relaxation, emblematic of the Thai New Year.

Songkran, the herald of the new year on the Thai calendar, is an affair of jubilation, where the air is thick with the scent of jasmine and the sounds of laughter and water splashing reverberate in the streets. It’s a time when families reunite and friends gather, drenching each other in water in a symbolic act of purification and blessing, a vibrant testament to the Thai ethos of joy and community.

The Jai Yen Yen package, aptly named to evoke the serenity of keeping one’s heart cool amidst the heat, is the Capella Bangkok’s ode to this festive season. Nestled on the river’s edge, the resort’s Riverfront Premier rooms serve as a private theatre to the ballet of daily life along the riverbanks, offering a unique vantage point from which to savour the serene chaos of Bangkok.


In a culinary nod to the season, the package features the rare delight of Khao Chae, a refreshing, jasmine-scented rice dish accompanied by an assortment of condiments that balance sweet, salty, and spicy flavours.

This dish, prepared following the original recipe from the Mon tribe by Thai Chef de Cuisine Kannika Jitsangworn, epitomizes the Thai penchant for harmony and balance, offering a cooling reprieve from the April heat.

Further weaving the thread of rejuvenation through the Jai Yen Yen experience, the Auriga Wellness at Capella Bangkok invites guests to a cryotherapy facial treatment. This modern twist on relaxation aims to invigorate and tighten the skin, promising a fresh start to the new year.

The Jai Yen Yen package encapsulates more than just a stay; it’s a comprehensive experience.

From the intimacy of sunrise yoga by the river to the celebratory fizz of a complimentary bottle of Champagne; from the practicality of complimentary garment pressing to the cultural immersion offered by daily Capella Moments and the sunset “Cin Cin” hour, every detail is curated to enhance the joy and renewal of Songkran.

Priced at THB 28,000++ per night and available for the duration of April, the package stands as a testament to Capella Bangkok’s dedication to crafting experiences that resonate with the spirit of Thai hospitality and the festive essence of Songkran. It’s an invitation to immerse in the rhythms of the river and the festivities of the season, to celebrate not just a holiday, but the rejuvenation of body, spirit, and community.



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