Welcome to our first issue of Ocean for 2021. Our front cover reflects the luxurious boating lifestyle that is only increasing in popularity and, of course, the essence of summer itself.

With the America’s Cup in full swing, we profile the personalities around the Cup, immerse you in the wild heart of New Zealand’s unique culture, and review NZ built Rua Moana, Pachoud Yachts’ latest custom catamaran.

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“I encourage you to explore New Zealand more deeply; connect with a timeless land and the rich culture she offers.”

Welcome to our first issue of Ocean for 2021, a year full of promise. Our front cover reflects this optimism, the luxurious boating lifestyle that is only increasing in popularity and, of course, the essence of summer itself.

Of course, with the America’s Cup in full swing, it also reflects the best that New Zealand has to offer with Rua Moana, Pachoud Yachts’ latest custom catamaran. The build brought together some of the world’s best boatbuilders, designers and interior specialists, and she is now one of the leading charter superyachts on Auckland Harbour. Many will agree with me when I say I have more than the slightest bit of envy for those lucky enough to enjoy her during the America’s Cup.

As usual, this issue we have a selection of reviews: the new CLB88, the Oyster 565 and the Sirena 58 motor yacht. All desirable options for the Australian boating lifestyle.

Speaking of which, our Ocean Life features will be sure to have you inspired. I know the Ocean office is keen to pick up some new bottles of rosé, which remind us of our long lazy summer days on the Mediterranean.

Closer to our shores, those lucky enough to be in Auckland for the Cup, or planning a visit, will love our feature on New Zealand’s hidden gems.

With expert advice from New Zealand Luxury Experiences – the only dedicated superyacht luxury tour company in New Zealand – and a Kiwi myself, I can only encourage you to explore the land of the long white cloud more deeply. Her quiet beauty, rugged landscapes, friendly people and unique spirit will always pull on my heart strings and now, more than ever, others are treasuring the slower pace of life and the ability to connect with a timeless land and the rich culture that New Zealand offers.

For those of us keen to take flight, we review the new PC24 jet from Pilatus. Able to land in the most challenging of terrain, this will be a popular option for those wanting to have the freedom to explore our own country in this new era of travel, as well as the executive market. Luxury jets never looked so fine.

Once you’ve reached your destination, get spirited away in the new Rolls-Royce Ghost. Described as a post-opulent version of their most successful series, this is one car you will want to get behind the wheel of yourself – no driver required.

This edition, I am so grateful to Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, who allowed us to profile them both in our Lens Flare feature. Co-founders of SeaLegacy, a not-for-profit organisation that propelled ocean conservation onto the world stage, they are two of the world’s most highly regarded photographers.

In capturing nature’s wild and spectacular scenery, they bring to our attention the need to fight climate change, but also our responsibility to make this happen for future generations and the incredible wildlife that inhabits our precious oceans and lands.

In our Ocean Keepers feature, we outline the important work of Christine Roper from the Great Barrier Reef Legacy. Together with SeaKeepers International and an army of volunteers, they are gathering information on plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans. Protecting our oceans is something we all need to be involved in and can start doing in our local waterways and beaches.

As we head into our 17th year of publishing Ocean magazine, we are all looking forward to a fresh start. A positive person at heart, able to keep a level head through most crises, I am grateful for having navigated the turbulent waters of 2020 with the fabulous team behind me at the Ocean brand.

We are all hoping there are calmer times ahead, and the uncertainty we have seen in our lives dissipate.

I hope you find something to inspire and entertain you in this edition, and wish you a happy, healthy and rewarding 2021.


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Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief

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