Once purely ship to shore transport,
the modern tender does triple duty as a day boat,
sports boat and practical support vessel.


  • 14 Sep, 2020

    Beautiful beast

    Sealegs International Limited has announced plans for a massive 12-metre amphibious production...

  • 17 Aug, 2020

    No compromise

    Combining sporty lines with performance, the dynamic Strider 800 is an exciting addition to the...

  • 13 Aug, 2020

    Fast foilers

    Dutch builders Wajer Yachts launches the new and improved 38 and 38 S models with foil assist.

  • 06 Aug, 2020

    Switching it up

    Sealegs has announced the launch of a new 7.5-metre Semi-Cab amphibious RIB, which will debuted at...

  • 02 Jul, 2020

    Your choice

    Pogo Structures Yard launches The LOXO 32 Outboard version with more options than ever.

  • 24 Jun, 2020

    Venetian inspiration

    The new WB14 limousine tender combines a blend of style, high performance and onboard safety.

  • 03 Jun, 2020

    Classic build

    In build at the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin, Tasmania, is a project that combines modern...

  • 02 Apr, 2020

    Classic cruiser

    WB40’ Classic weekend cruiser combines wood and advanced carbon composites.

  • 02 Mar, 2020

    Collective collaboration

    The first five production Electric Sealegs amphibious boats are destined for homes on Waiheke...