Foiling for fun

Linx Tenders unveils a foil-assisted catamaran dayboat for the UAE market.

09 November 2023


Palma de Mallorca-based custom tender manufacturer Linx Tenders is building a second unit of the innovative foil-assisted catamaran, the Linx 30.

Following the success and strong interest generated by the first unit, which was commissioned as a tender for a 63-metre explorer vessel, the company has tailored this second unit to serve as a luxurious dayboat, set to cruise the waters of the UAE.

The Linx 30 stands as a testament to Linx Tenders’ commitment to custom boat building and cutting-edge engineering.

Equipped with an advanced foil system, this 9.5-metre catamaran boasts enhanced stability, reduced drag, and improved efficiency, leading to superior performance and cost savings.

The Castoldi JET propels the vessel to venture into shallow waters, while features such as the joystick control and GPS anchoring ensure unparalleled manoeuvrability and usability.


Mark Branagh, CEO of Linx Tenders, expressed his delight in the growing interest received for the Linx 30, stating: “We specialise in crafting tailor-made boats, and for this second unit, we have tailored the boat to perfectly suit its intended purpose as a dayboat in the UAE.

“The Middle East region, driven by ambitious projects like NEOM, has caught the attention of the yachting community, and we are excited to be a part of this flourishing market.

“Our foiling catamaran solution holds tremendous potential for various applications in this dynamic and growing area.”

The beach landing system, initially developed for the superyacht tender, has undergone additional refinement. Now, the bow door is electrically operated, providing seamless access to shorelines and coastal destinations

This system can also be used for easier access when diving, which is one of the many activities that the boat allows for. In fact, the Linx 30 serves as the perfect companion for exploring the natural beauty beneath the water’s surface.


Hydrofoil supported catamaran

The foils system provides exceptional longitudinal stability and reduces fuel consumption by up to 40 percent. The system includes a main foil situated between the two hulls that lifts the boat, thereby reducing drag, and two smaller aft foils that provide downforce for stability.

These foils work together to decrease the impact from waves and reduce pitching – resulting in an extremely dry ride for all passengers.

Commercial Director Luke Hendy shared an anecdote: “The improvement in stability and dryness is so remarkable that during sea trials, we asked people to guess the speed, and every guess was 10 knots less than the actual speed.

“The ride is so smooth and stable that 20 knots on board the Linx 30 feels like 10 knots.”

To design this boat, BMComposites, the composite specialist company that owns the brand Linx Tenders, has teamed up with BYD Group, a world-renowned yacht design studio. Based in the Spanish yachting hubs of Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, Bravo Yacht Design Group has extensive experience in designing and engineering a wide range of vessels, from superyachts to smaller watercraft, and has brought their experience and capabilities to the Linx 30.


Custom-made solutions

Linx Tenders specialises in crafting custom-made solutions. The first model was equipped with a folding hard top and windscreen to fit into the mother ship’s garage, and the team engineered an underwater bracket to accommodate the WASSP sonar. This ensured that the explorer vessel could anchor safely when exploring uncharted waters.

“Although this second unit will look very similar to the first one, we have re-engineered some components and adjusted the production method to better suit its intended use.

“The first Linx 30 was constructed entirely from carbon fibre to adhere to weight limitations on the mother vessel’s crane, with a primary focus on simplicity for easy maintenance and repairs, even in remote locations.

“For this second unit, designed as a dayboat, our focus is more on speed and manoeuvrability. The materials chosen are a mix of carbon fibre and glass fibre, resulting in slightly heavier boats that can accommodate more powerful engines and overall deliver better performance.

“Onboard equipment is also more sophisticated, with many improvements such as an electric-operated bow door for easier onboard access.”

Increased usability and manoeuvrability

The propulsion system provided by the Italian brand Castoldi comes along with the Castoldi ACES electronic control system, which interfaces with the Dynamic Positioning and Smart anchor system.

The dayboat is equipped with the Dynamic Positioning and the Smart Anchor system that ensures precise positioning and orientation, allowing the vessel to be moored in a GPS point, or around it, keeping the bow up to the wind.

Being joystick-operated, the boat is easily manoeuvrable, making it especially user-friendly for inexperienced boaters who can easily use the “push to go” feature, which is more intuitive than traditional controls.

Even experienced skippers will appreciate the system’s ease of use, reducing the time required for docking operations.

For increased usability and to make maintenance easier, BMComposites will hand over a 3D model containing the full bill of materials for their custom boat to Linx 30 customers.

Every single component has been meticulously identified, including its part number series, supplier name, number of service hours, and the last time the component was replaced. This information streamlines maintenance and replacement orders, simplifying the tasks of captains and mechanics who are responsible for taking care of the boat.


Composite expertise

BMComposites, the owner of the Linx Tenders brand, specialises in design and manufacturing using carbon fibre composites.

With a track record dating back to 2005, the company has successfully handled numerous refits and repairs, tackling fascinating challenges and providing tailor-made solutions for specific requirements.

Drawing from over 30 years of experience in the composite industry, key team members possess extensive expertise in the technical properties of composite materials and know how to optimise their application.

Their expertise has been harnessed by prestigious superyachts over the last 18 years, from major superyacht modifications to the most challenging and complex upgrades for elite sailing yachts continually fighting it out on their respective race circuits.

Stand-out refit projects for the company include the sailing yacht M5, the 73-metre superyacht Coral Ocean, the Southern Wind 102 Hevea, and the iconic 1930s J-class Velsheda.

At 75 metres, S/Y M5 (formerly Mirabella 5) is one of the largest composite sailing yachts ever built and, until recently, sported the tallest mast of any sailing vessel at 89 metres, also constructed in composite materials.

After many years of service, BMComposite was called upon to carry out an overhaul of the spreader foundations in the mast during an extensive refit of the vessel in 2019. In addition to this, BMComposites along with designer Adriana Monk engineered, manufactured and installed 3 large carbon fibre hardtop biminis to transform the flybridge of this famous yacht.

BMComposites played a crucial role in the complete rejuvenation of the 30-year-old icon Coral Ocean as it embraced its new role as the flagship charter yacht for the Ahoy Club fleet. The previous satellite dome array on the upper deck was removed and replaced with the new Sky Lounge – a fully enclosed entertainment area incorporating a cinema, lounge, dining, and party spaces. This transformation was part of an extensive refit, for which the yacht was awarded the ‘Judge’s Special Award’ at the 2023 World Superyacht Awards.

In its persistent quest to improve performance, J-class Velsheda turned to BMComposites during a planned deck refit to benefit from the tried and tested core replacement process, to future-proof the longevity of the deck and save weight on the heavy plywood subdeck alternative, needless to say, they delivered with exceptional results.

Earlier this year, the Palma de Mallorca-based company showed its talent for quick thinking and innovation by launching a carbon fibre antenna flag pole solution to suit the Starlink Maritime system. This solution addresses signal obstruction issues for sailing superyachts where masts often hinder the signal.

Over the years, BMComposites has established a strong and enduring partnership with Gurit, a leading global supplier of composite materials. The Linx 30 hulls are manufactured through an infusion system, which not only ensures superior quality but also guarantees a safer and cleaner process compared to traditional lamination methods.

More specifically, the infusion process employs the PRIME™ 37 low-toxicity epoxy resin, which incorporates bio-based content. This not only enhances infusion speed but also results in an air-free laminate.

In the construction of the Linx 30, BMComposites utilise Gurit® Corecell™ structural foam, specifically designed for marine applications and renowned for its toughness and impact-resistant characteristics.

The fibre chosen for the dayboat that will be sailing in the UAE is a combination of carbon fibre and glass fibre. After infusion, the manufacturing process involves precise CNC machining—another core area of expertise for BMComposites, along with their composite knowledge.

 “This construction method gives superior strength and stiffness. It also means we can produce the structure in a one-shot process, eliminating any potential issues with core bonding or voids,” explains Mark Branagh.

To guarantee a wider range of choices, the boats, instead of having a gelcoat finish, are painted, ensuring that a broader range of colour options is available to the customer.

With the second Linx 30 vessel, due to touch the water in December, Linx Tenders have asserted their position in the luxury tender sphere and have big hopes for the future.

“We’re working on several enquiries from other clients at the moment, including different length versions such as the Linx 40, a Linx tender that’s solar powered, an exciting 11-metre Limo and we also have a client who has expressed interest in going fully electric,” says Hendy.  “We’re really excited at the prospect of having more Linx tenders on the water.”



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