Doggy delight

Experience a holiday worth woofing about at Dorsett Melbourne.

14 April 2024


In the bustling heart of Melbourne, where the skyscrapers wink at the sun and the streets hum with the footsteps of the hurried and the hopeful, the Dorsett Melbourne, a bastion of luxury and a whisperer of dreams, has flung its doors wide open, not just to the bipeds in search of a sumptuous escape but to their four-legged comrades as well, heralding the arrival of the Holidays for Hounds packages.

This is no mere nod to the canine companionship; it’s a full-throated bark of welcome, a declaration that here, under the Dorsett’s opulent roof, dogs are not merely pets but princes among men.

The Dorsett Melbourne has redefined the meaning of ‘pet-friendly’, turning it from a mere convenience into an art form. They’ve meticulously crafted a haven for hounds, replete with an Australian-made Snooza Snuggler Orthopaedic foam bed—a sleeping apparatus so indulgent, so utterly plush, that your furry friend might just forget their ancestral habit of chasing their own tail in favour of chasing dreams in soft, orthopaedic splendour.


And fear not, dear human, for your comforts have not been overlooked amidst this canine caterwauling.

The Sealy beds and a pillow menu bespoke promise a slumber so divine, you might just hear the angels sing, or at the very least, the soft, contented snoring of your pooch at the foot of your bed.

In a stroke of culinary genius, the hotel has also introduced a ‘Pet Menu’ that would make even the most discerning dog’s mouth water. Crafted in collaboration with Jacinta Malone, a name that resounds in the hallowed halls of Canine and Feline Nutrition like a dinner bell, this menu promises dishes that are as nutritious as they are delectable. Chicken meatballs, beef tartare, pup cakes – each a testament to the Dorsett’s commitment to canine well-being and culinary delight.

But the pièce de résistance is not just in the feeding and the sleeping. It’s in the living.

The Dorsett’s ‘Paw-cierge’ service, a team as knowledgeable about the city’s dog-friendly nooks and crannies as they are enthusiastic, stands ready to guide you and your four-legged confidant to parks and spots where tails can wag freely and spirits can soar.

Nestled within the gleaming West Side Place precinct, just a stone’s throw from the pulsing heart of Southern Cross Station—a place where hounds may travel with the wind at their backs, free of charge—the Dorsett Melbourne offers more than just a stay. It offers an experience, a chance to weave the love for our dogs into the very fabric of our holidays.

So come, let your dog dip a paw into the lap of luxury, for the Holidays for Hounds packages are upon us. Just remember, the Dorsett’s doors are open wide, but they ask that your canine companion tip the scales at no more than 20kg (guide dogs exempt, of course), ensuring that this opulent adventure is as exclusive as it is exquisite. For dogs and their devoted owners only, this is not just a holiday; it’s a heralding of the high life, where every bark is a cheer and every tail wag a tale of pure, unadulterated joy.

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