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iAQUA launched the X-Jet™ Extreme electric surfboard at the recent boot Düsseldorf 2024.

14 February 2024


iAQUA unveiled its X-Jet™ Extreme electric surfboard to crowds from across the globe at the BOOT Düsseldorf 2024 trade show. The X-Jet™ Extreme has a powerful 20-kW jet drive and saw its world debut to BOOT attendees, who had travelled from 120 countries.

iAQUA, a global leader in water toys say its X-Jet™ Extreme is the world’s fastest, most powerful, and most versatile electric surfboard. No other electric surfboard can rival the 68-kilometre-per-hour speed, ride stability, planing efficiency, and hydrodynamic performance of the X-Jet™ Extreme.

iAQUA said: “The world premiere of iAQUA’s new X-Jet electric surfboard garnered a lot of excitement with its combination of performance, power and price. Dusseldorf really was a fantastic show for us – we’ve never had so many dealers looking to buy easy-to-maintain water toys.”

At just 23 kilograms, the 100-percent carbon-fibre X-Jet™ Extreme is one of the lightest e-surfboards in its category and features four power levels. It has a 3,670-kW high capacity battery, wireless throttle, balance leash, and offers class-leading buoyancy with a 160-kilogram weight capacity for two surfers.


Surfing champion Annissa Flynn, 3 x World Flow-Board Champion, and 19 times (and current) Thailand National Surfing Champion, said: “The power and endurance of the X-Jet™ Extreme is truly game-changing.”

On a single charge, the iAQUA X-Jet™ Extreme can cover a distance of more than 30 kilometres and has a magnetic kill switch in case of a fall.

The X-Jet™ Extreme is equipped with two full-length centre stabilising keels, two side glass-fibre thruster fins, plus one deep carbon-fibre centre fin. All three fins keep the board rock steady and true in a straight line or carving turn, and the centre fin allows users to turn sharply on the top of a wave.

iAQUA also showcased its Lithium Safety Store™ and its 2024 AquaDart Nano and Pro water scooters. “We had an unbelievable number of people interested in the new lithium safety store, partly because of its innovative design and technical features, but also because of its recent certification by the ISO, MCA, ASTM, UL and BSI.

“We also had a record number of enquires for the 2024 models of AquaDart Nano, which we believe to be down to the increased performance and longer battery life,” iAQUA added.



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