Like a diamond

Fifteen years after the creation of the first Gem cleat by Foresti & Suardi, Christian Grande has designed the new Gem Diamond, elevating the fixture to a decoration in its own right.

25 February 2024


Fifteen years have passed since Christian Grande designed Gem, a cleat with a pure and minimal design that marked a break with tradition and has achieved acclaim since its debut.

Cleats are no longer just functional items since Gem by Foresti & Suardi first appeared – they have evolved into being an onboard ornament.

Gem’s minimal design is characterised by a polyline without overhangs. “In its apparent simplicity, it is the most difficult and sophisticated expression of the language of minimalism,” says Grande, whose studio is based in Parma, Italy.

“It represents the subtraction of everything that is not strictly essential; what is necessary is not considered the minimum but the maximum. I wanted to create the maximum expression of functionality, drawing it with the minimum number of elements.”

Made of stainless steel, developed in five sizes and also available in a retractable version, the Gem can be mounted on motor and sailing boats from 17 to 80 feet.


Fifteen years after its first presentation, this cleat is still a success, and Christian Grande has decided to celebrate it, creating a new version he refers to as a special edition.

Gem Diamond, presented for the first time at the influential Dutch trade fair METSTRADE in 2023, expresses its geometry through facets that recall diamond milling.

Grande says that elevating the cleat like this means it is no longer a “silent” detail of a boat’s deck, but has been transformed into a decorative element. He likens this to a brooch pinned to a dress.

“The concept is to enhance the appearance of the boat on which the Gem Diamond cleat is mounted, exactly as a brooch brings light to the face of the person wearing it,” continues Grande.

The polyline matrix of its design is what ensured the success of the original Gem, but in this case, each surface is processed and carved like a diamond, creating facets that reflect light from various angles.

In addition, each Gem Diamond is made individually, starting from the steel block. For this reason, its size can be customised for yachts and boats of different lengths.



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