Spring fever

The Sakura guide to Kyoto

26 April 2024


The ancient city of Kyoto is blooming in pink and white. For travellers on their way, the city has released their awaited cherry blossom guide, a testament to the breathtaking beauty and variety of sakura adorning its streets and gardens.

Kyoto, with its storied history and ethereal landscapes, becomes a living canvas each spring, its cherry blossoms weaving a spell of pink and white splendour that draws admirers from across the globe. The official guide emerges as an essential companion for those eager to navigate Kyoto’s floral labyrinth, offering insights into the blossoms’ current state and pinpointing the city’s most illustrious viewing spots.

Alison Roberts-Brown, the voice of Kyoto City Tourism Association in Australia, captures the essence of this season: “Kyoto’s cherry blossoms stand as beacons of renewal and beauty, captivating hearts and drawing visitors into a world where nature’s transient wonders hold eternal allure.”


This guide ensures that no one misses the chance to witness the unparalleled beauty of Kyoto’s sakura, navigating the city’s historic streets, serene parks, and sacred temples with ease.

Beyond a mere enumeration of sites, the guide offers a calendar, crafting a temporal map of bloom and beauty, guiding visitors on when to wander Kyoto’s avenues, when to picnic beneath the blossoms, and when to reflect upon their beauty from the quiet contemplation of temple grounds.

The season also unfolds a series of special events, from nocturnal illuminations to exclusive temple admissions, inviting visitors to experience the cherry blossoms under a different light, where tradition and natural beauty meld into unforgettable moments.

The official guide is available on the Kyoto City Tourism website, and promises not just a journey through Kyoto’s streets but an immersion into a sensory feast, a celebration of beauty that is both a spectacle to behold and a cherished memory to carry.



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