True revamp

True North unveils revamped luxury fleet.

26 April 2024


In March 2024, Sydney bore witness to an unparalleled spectacle of nautical rejuvenation as True North, the crown jewel of adventure cruises, unveiled its freshly revamped fleet.

True North and its sibling, True North II, emerged from their chrysalis, ready to slice through the waters of Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea with renewed vigour and a dash of panache.

In a world where True North’s clientele expect nothing short of the miraculous, a lavish outpouring of resources has ensured these vessels not only sparkle with showroom dazzle but also bristle with pioneering enhancements.

The unveiling of the 2024 Kimberley season brings with it the debut of an extraordinary evolution—the Ocean Premium Cabin class aboard True North.


This innovative offering is True North’s riposte to the clarion call for versatility, presenting a cabin that morphs with the whims of its occupants, toggling between twin share and double bed configurations with the ease of a seasoned prestidigitator.

Chad Avenell, the visionary Director of True North, declares, “Our raison d’être is to furnish our guests with escapades that etch themselves into the memory, indelible and resplendent. Though the wilds beyond our hulls beckon with their siren calls, we are equally resolved to make every moment aboard a sanctuary of serenity.”

The metamorphosis of these maritime marvels was orchestrated by the illustrious Echo Yachts, a bastion of Australian shipbuilding prowess. This overhaul wasn’t merely cosmetic; it delved into the mechanical heart of both vessels, rejuvenating gearboxes and generators alike, whilst also endowing the exteriors with a fresh coat of paint and revitalised cranes.

Mark Stothard, of the Echo Marine Group, said, “True North is not just a cruise; it’s an odyssey that celebrates the untamed beauty of our land and seas. It’s been our honour to ensure these vessels are primed for their role as ambassadors of adventure.”

Echo Marine Group’s COO, Nick Gee, added, “Together with True North’s seasoned crew, we’ve toiled to elevate these ships beyond mere conveyances to become torchbearers of exploration, ready to carve their paths through the world’s last frontiers.”

A notable leap into the future for True North is the shift to fully paperless navigation. This advance promises a marriage of precision and sustainability, ensuring that as these vessels chart their course through the crystalline shallows and hidden coves of their itineraries, they do so with an eye to both exploration and conservation.



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