Highland fling

A new luxurious stay in South West Scotland.

26 April 2024


In the lush folds of South West Scotland, the resplendent Dabton House has rolled out its welcome mat. The estate has already thrown open its grand doors to a wedding, numerous family gatherings, avid sportsmen, and those seeking secluded corporate retreats, asserting itself rapidly as a jewel in the crown of an area burgeoning in popularity.

Indeed, the south of Scotland, now bathed in the global spotlight as one of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2023 and Rough Guides’ Must Visit Destinations for 2024, draws its charm not only from its accolades but also from its primal allure – nestled as it is within the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere. Dabton House lies provides an idyllic escape for the discerning visitor, according to Alasdair Knight, the estate’s General Manager.


“Dabton House is not merely a place to stay; it’s a gateway to a transformative experience in Dumfries and Galloway,” he asserts, reflecting on its capacity to host grand events and intimate escapes alike.

The region’s allure has catalysed an upswing in visitor numbers, with tourists, cyclists, and even film crews, drawn by the cinematic Outlander effect, descending to explore this cinematic landscape.

Complementing this influx, the South of Scotland proudly launched the 250-mile Kirkpatrick C2C cycle route this year, stitching the western shores of Stranraer to the eastern vistas of Eyemouth. Under the vibrant banner Scotland Starts Here, the region commits to an unparalleled welcome, steeped in heritage yet vibrantly forward-looking.

David Hope-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of the South of Scotland Destination Alliance, captures the sentiment well: “In a world eager to unearth authentic, diverse experiences, Scotland commands a unique position.

“Dabton House’s blossoming success, coupled with the recognition of our region by prestigious travel authorities, underscores a renaissance not just in tourism but in our collective spirit and economic vitality.”

For those plotting a retreat – be it a family holiday, a celebration, a sporting adventure, or a corporate convocation – Dabton House and the south of Scotland beckon with open arms.



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