Going rogue

After the success of the WaveFlyer Volaré, Enautic is now launching two new electric foiling PWC concepts.

11 April 2024


Following the successful launch of the WaveFlyer Volaré last year, Australian startup Enautic has launched two new personal watercraft (PWC) models to showcase its WaveDrive Technology.

Enautic made its debut in the boating sector with the launch of the revolutionary WaveFlyer Volaré in July 2023. This electric hydrofoiling craft, featuring fully retractable hydrofoils and an electric propulsion system, was designed to be an applied technology platform to showcase Enautic’s patented WaveDrive technology.

Enautic says the WaveFlyer Volaré offers “unparalleled energy efficiency without compromising on speed or range”.

The firm reveals the recreational PWC has been received “phenomenally well” by the industry, and it currently has a US$10m orderbook for the craft.


After the success of the WaveFlyer Volaré, Enautic is now launching two new electric foiling PWC concepts: the WaveFlyer Rogue and WaveFlyer Rogue–X. The models are based on the same hull and foil package as the WaveFlyer Volare and will continue to serve as an applied technology platform. The two models appeal to different audiences and skill levels.

The WaveFlyer Rogue model is an electric foiling personal watercraft with a maximum speed of 20 knots. It is designed for one or two passengers and caters to family fun, exploration, and personal mobility.

The WaveFlyer Rogue-X model is designed for thrill-seeking riders accustomed to traditional ICE-powered PWCs.

Boasting a maximum speed exceeding 40 knots and “intense manoeuvrability”, the Rogue-X delivers excitement without the typical noise and wake traditionally associated with personal watercraft.

The Rogue model will be tested in the coming months at Enautic’s riverside location in Perth, Australia, and will be showcased later this year.

Enautic says OEMs interested in licensing the manufacture of these crafts should get in touch to arrange a demonstration in Tampa, USA, during the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) in October 2024. The WaveFlyer Volare craft will also be available for demonstration at IBEX 2024.

“We are really excited to be able to offer the world all of the thrills, spills and excitement of PWC riding without the noise and wake issues that have resulted in these craft being banned from many locations,” says Enautic CEO Paul Steinmann.

“Silent operation with virtually no wake means that these fun machines can operate without annoying other water users, whilst producing no emissions.”

Both the Rogue and Rogue-X models feature Enautic’s user-selectable flight control levels (FCL). The user can select from five FCL settings via the touch screen to cater to their individual preferences for safe, easy operation or aggressive and dynamic manoeuvring.

FCL-1 delivers safe, stable, auto-stabilised flight control with gentle, easy-to-use turning suited to inexperienced users or a more relaxed experience.

The dynamics of handling increase with each FCL setting, right through to FCL-4, providing extremely dynamic handling that requires experience and skill to control. Enautic says this setting “is not for the faint-hearted.”



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