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WaveFlyer Volaré is the revolutionary hydrofoil electric watercraft by Electro Nautic.

13 July 2023


Electro Nautic unveils the WaveFlyer Volaré, its latest hydrofoil electric boat. Engineered with the groundbreaking WaveDrive system, this watercraft offers unparalleled stability and fast-charging capabilities for speed and efficiency whilst catching waves and riding the swell.

The WaveFlyer Volaré provides a reliable, high-speed, and environmentally friendly exhilarating experience. With its cutting-edge WaveDrive system and rapid-charging capabilities, riders can smoothly explore marine environments in a luxury electric tender.

Its zero-emission and low wake operation while flying above the water surface significantly reduces its carbon footprint helping preserve the natural environment.

The revolutionary hydrofoil technology in the WaveDrive System delivers unmatched balance and stability. Through precise control surfaces and twin motors, it produces a nimble, responsive, and manoeuvrable watercraft. Its unique design maximises efficiency for agile flight, smooth cruising, and hassle-free maintenance.


The foils beneath the hull provide exceptional stability and enable seamless navigation across various water conditions.

The WaveFlyer Volaré’s rapid-charging system minimises downtime, ensuring minimal waiting time for rental fleet operators between adventures.

“At Electro Nautic, we are passionate about minimising our impact on the planet and committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals using efficient low carbon manufacturing,” said Jonathan Lilley, CEO of Electro Nautic.

“With a transparent supply chain, we are driving innovation in the marine industry and shaping a sustainable future with zero scope three emissions.”



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