Sustainable sailing

A month after its launch at boot Düsseldorf, Expedition Zero is already making waves in the adventure sailing world with an ambitious plan for a groundbreaking inaugural expedition through the Northwest Passage.

11 March 2024


Scheduled for August 2026 in partnership with its first customer, award-winning adventure sailing company Wavysail, the inaugural voyage aims to set a new standard for sustainable adventure sailing by navigating one of the most storied and challenging sea routes on the planet.

The passage stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, offering a rare glimpse into a world of dramatic ice floes, pristine arctic landscapes, and uncharted waters.

The journey, starting in Nuuk, Greenland, and concluding in Nome, Alaska, will cover over 900 miles of the Arctic’s most formidable waters. This expedition not only aims to explore one of the last great frontiers of adventure sailing but also to challenge and inspire the maritime industry towards greater sustainability.

The Northwest Passage, with its history of exploration, shipwrecks, and tales of survival, presents a unique backdrop against which Expedition Zero will demonstrate the viability of cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies.


Developed in partnership with Innovation Yachts, the 72-foot expedition yacht for the journey will be upcycled using innovative, low-impact, fully recyclable materials, eschewing traditional synthetic fibres like fibreglass.

Coupled with the latest in electric propulsion technology and powered entirely by natural elements – sun, sea and wind – this yacht is designed to navigate the Arctic with zero fossil fuel use, offering an expedition with an unprecedented minimal environmental footprint.

Expedition Zero CEO, Andrew Cowen said: “The marine industry’s response to our launch has been phenomenal, affirming our belief that it’s possible to combine high-adventure sailing with low environmental impact.

“There’s no better proving ground for our first yacht than the fabled Northwest Passage, a pristine environment that demands respect and minimal impact from those who traverse it – this is adventure sailing at its most responsible and innovative.”

The call to adventure is now issued to those who dream of navigating the Arctic’s challenging waters, with Expedition Zero seeking skilled sailors and intrepid explorers for its limited six crew spots available. Comprehensive training and specialist gear, included in the expedition, ensure all participants are well-prepared for this ultimate test of sailing prowess.

Expedition Zero’s initiative also extends beyond the voyage itself. Through its unique Northwest Passage membership club, the organisation offers enthusiasts the chance to be part of this groundbreaking journey. Members gain exclusive insight into the yacht’s design and construction phases, participate in sea trials, and are offered significant discounts on future Wavysail adventures.

To learn more or sign-up visit wavysail.com.



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