Truffle kerfuffle

Margaret River hosts its inaugural truffle season.

21 April 2024


This winter, the Margaret River Region, a bastion of oenophiles and gourmands, introduces an enthralling new chapter to its narrative of culinary excellence: truffle hunting.

This inaugural truffle season invites aficionados to explore the fertile lands of The Margaret River Truffle Farm, where the quest for the elusive Black French Truffle, often hailed as black gold, begins.

Guided by the keen noses of Alby and Taz, the farm’s amiable Labrador truffle dogs, participants will traverse the oak and hazel-strewn landscapes of this family-run farm. Embracing farming practices of minimal intervention, the farm’s stewards are eager to share the mystique of truffle cultivation with all who venture here, offering a tactile connection to the land and its bounties.

In partnership with Go in Style and Forage Safaris, The Margaret River Truffle Farm is embedding its unique truffle hunts into broader gastronomic tour itineraries for 2024, aiming for full bookability by 2025.


These curated excursions through June, July and August promise not only the thrill of the hunt but also the pleasure of tasting sessions that celebrate the truffle in exquisite culinary creations – from soups and pâtés to truffle-infused pizzas.

Furthermore, the tradition of truffle hunting isn’t confined to Margaret River but extends to the nearby towns of Manjimup and Pemberton. These locales are stalwarts in the Australian truffle scene, accounting for 70 percent of the nation’s yield, with their own truffle hunts at established truffières like Australian Truffle Traders and Truffle Hill during the cool months of the Southern Hemisphere winter.

The season peaks with the Truffle Kerfuffle, a festival held in Manjimup, which from June 28 to 30 transforms the town into a celebration of this most luxurious of ingredients.

Here, visitors can engage directly with the land’s stewards, sample the region’s finest wines and produce, and partake in culinary demonstrations led by world-class chefs, making it a pinnacle of truffle celebration.

Whether you are drawn by the romance of the hunt or the allure of truffle-laden gastronomy, the Margaret River Region stands ready this winter to seduce your senses and enrich your culinary perspective.



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