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Stella and Mary McCartney team up with The Macallan.

01 March 2024


In an exquisite fusion of artistry and environmental stewardship, The Macallan has unveiled its latest collaboration with the McCartney duo, Stella and Mary, in a symphony of shared values and a mutual reverence for the natural splendour that our world bestows.

This partnership is not merely a confluence of minds but a celebration of the ethos that binds them: a profound curiosity, an unwavering respect, and an unabated admiration for the vast, untamed beauty of our environment.

The unveiling of The Harmony Collection’s third edition under the aegis of this collaboration is more than an annual tradition; it’s a manifesto of innovation, creativity, and a boundless exploration of what lies at the heart of The Macallan.

This year’s edition is a heartfelt homage to the Scottish lands, a vibrant testament to the immutable bonds forged across generations upon its hallowed ground.

To commemorate this alliance on Australian shores, The Macallan is set to enchant Sydney with an exclusive pop-up at the storied Hickson Road Reserve, from  7 to 10 March 2024.


This event promises not just a journey but an odyssey into the essence of The Macallan, enriched by the McCartney touch and a narrative deeply rooted in the elemental ties to nature that define the collaboration.

Guests will embark on a sensorial voyage that weaves through the rich tapestry of Scottish heritage, illuminated by Mary McCartney’s evocative photography.

This showcase not only illuminates the synergistic partnership between The Macallan and the McCartneys but also serves as a beacon of the intrinsic connection to the Scottish landscape that inspires it.

This year’s Harmony III edition invites connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the distilled essence of Scotland, captured through the McCartney’s cherished recollections of its verdant countryside.

The introduction of Amber Meadow and Green Meadow expressions in the collection is a poetic nod to their love affair with the Scottish terrain, with the innovative use of repurposed meadow cuttings in their presentation echoing a commitment to sustainability and beauty in reclamation.

Steven Bremner, the maestro behind the whisky, beckons us to explore the Amber Meadow expression, a liquid narrative of warm meadows, ripe barley, and a zesty finale that sings of nature’s bounty. It’s a reflection of the landscape’s splendour, mirrored in the amber hues of summer evenings, a bouquet of citrus, vanilla, and barley on the nose, segueing into a palate of oak, lemon, and melon, and culminating in a crescendo of sweet, enduring complexity.

Come March 2024, The Macallan Harmony Collection will be a beacon of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation, emblematic of The Macallan’s global renown for its unparalleled single malts. This launch is not just an offering but a declaration of the distillery’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability, honouring its legacy through a prism of ethical stewardship and conscientious artistry.

In this collaboration with Stella and Mary McCartney, The Macallan extends an invitation to partake in a narrative that transcends mere consumption, venturing into a realm where whisky, art, and the immutable beauty of nature converge in a celebration of heritage, respect, and the enduring allure of the Scottish landscape.



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