Cinderella sails

Heesen has delivered the 50-metre Cinderella Noel IV after intensive tests in the North Sea.

Photography by Ruben Griffioen

26 April 2024


Dutch shipyard Heesen has delivered the 50-metre superyacht Cinderella Noel IV after successful sea trials in the North Sea.

The owners christened their yacht in a ceremony held on 23 December 2023. Zucker & Partner, with their team, advised and guided the owners throughout the many decisions taken during the 41 months of lead time.

Collaborating closely with Heesen’s engineers and the Luca Dini Design and Architecture team, the owners have realised their ambition to build a yacht for extended cruising in the Scandinavian archipelago and Norwegian fjords.

Stefan Zucker and Sven Stark, the clients‘ surveyors and project managers, comment: “We have hardly experienced such intense involvement of clients ever before, showing so much enthusiasm and enjoyment for the yacht and appreciation for everybody of the build-team. Heesen succeeded perfectly in integrating these enthusiastic owners in the production procedure and milestones.”


The client himself is an accomplished yachtsman who also captains the boat. Heesen says he has introduced many practical and technical ideas from his many years of sailing experience.

The owners plan to spend a significant part of their lives sailing on their boat, which is based on the proven 50-metre Steel design platform.

“Their deep knowledge and clear understanding of how to operate a yacht presented a golden opportunity for our shipyard to participate in the creation of this one-of-a-kind Heesen,” the yard says in a statement.

Cinderella Noel IV is built on our proven engineering platform as a smart custom yacht, so her exceptional performance is no surprise.”

Indeed, the yacht exceeded all expectations during three days of sea trials in the North Sea, even in rough weather conditions.

“The weather worsened during the course of the tests, and we ended up with wave heights increasing to 2.6 metres, and wind speeds up to around 30 knots,” says the shipyard’s captain, Bob van Zundert.

“Conditions were perfect to test the handling of Cinderella Noel IV. Her swift responses to helm and throttle commands in rough sea conditions generated a lot of confidence. It is a privilege to have clients on board during the tests, and we enjoyed letting them see what their new yacht is capable of.”

The owner has opted for a hybrid propulsion system that ensures the vessel is cleaner, quieter, and more efficient than comparable conventional crafts.

The hybrid drivetrain can draw on diesel engines and electric motors for both propulsion and hotel needs. In automotive engineering, such systems emphasise energy saving and reducing emissions, but hybrid propulsion at sea has broader aims.

Silent cruising and minimal vibration enormously enhance comfort levels on board and are especially appealing during night passages.

The heart of the hybrid system is the yacht’s twin MTU 8V4000 M63 (IMO Tier III) main engines, each coupled to a water-cooled, 135kW Danfoss electric motor on the same propeller shaft. With three cruising modes, this configuration offers versatility of operations, flexible power management, and redundancy.

“It has been a pleasure to build Cinderella Noel IV and work so closely with her owners on a yacht that fits them like a glove and can take them safely wherever they want to go,” says Rick van de Wetering, Heesen’s chief operating officer. “During the past 41 months, we have built a strong bond with our energetic clients and their teams, and we will miss them in the yard.

“We look forward to their updates on the great adventures they will have aboard their wonderful yacht. On behalf of everyone at the shipyard, we wish them fair winds and following seas!”



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