Game changer

Levi Duncan and the team at his new venture, Carbon Game Towers International have created 100-percent carbon fibre towers, custom designed for game fishing boats, hailing the breakthrough as a world-first in the competitive realm of game fishing where light-weight and fast are imperatives.A partner at The Boat Works in the Gold Coast Marine Precinct for the past 10 years and operating Ocean Degree Total Yacht Services for 15 years, Duncan has assembled some of the most talented composite craftspeople drawn from automotive and marine industries for his new enterprise.A product of two years of R&D in the use of these materials, the team have constructed an eight-metre carbon fibre tower for Back in Black, the 40-foot Black Watch game boat, as part of a million-dollar-plus, full refit project.“Our clients tell us they want their towers to be durable and practical, as well as eye-catching. The carbon fibre tower is totally unique and a real head-turner,” said Duncan.Back in Black’s 100-percent carbon fibre tower is the tallest ever for a Black Watch game boat and is destined to be the first of many, once Duncan and his team pitch their Aussie ingenuity to US game boat builders at the 2022 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.

Volvo Penta IPS upgrade

Volvo Penta
Volvo Penta have launched an Assisted Docking system as a retrofit upgrade for yacht owners with Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS).Retrofitting Assisted Docking will be boat specific, ranging from a simple software update to full upgrade kits, which will include the Joystick and Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), antenna and Glass Cockpit interface. Each customer can consult with an authorised Volvo Penta dealer to evaluate whether Assisted Docking is the ideal fit.Assisted Docking is a hybrid between automated docking and manual docking. The beauty of this system is that it gives the captain enhanced control.

Hydrus launched

Advanced Navigation, one of the world’s most ambitious innovators in AI robotics and navigation technology, have launched Hydrus – a revolution in underwater drone technology.Hydrus, a fully autonomous submersible drone, will revolutionise undersea research, survey and exploration by making data capture simple and accessible.Whether it’s monitoring the Great Barrier Reef, building maps of world ocean heritage sites, inspecting underwater infrastructure and fish farms or identifying new marine life, Hydrus will be instrumental in building a stronger, more sustainable ocean for us all.