Upsizing again

The Boat Works is building again, investing in a 50-percent increase in sheds and hardstand space to meet demand.

23 November 2023


Build it, they’re already here! The Boat Works is adding more sheds, more hardstands and more berths for enhanced boat maintenance and refit to meet demand.

The Boat Works is expanding yet again, with the addition of 50 percent more sheds and hardstands and the marina expansion to welcome more in-water service berths.

Just four years after opening, the Northern Superyard yard will soon welcome brand new super-sized sheds for optimised controlled working environments.

“The development in major marine infrastructure marks a substantial step forward in our commitment to providing top-notch services to our valued clients,” said The Boat Works’ owner, Tony Longhurst.

The additions include 10 new refit sheds, 18 metres in height and 42 metres in length, offering all-weather protection, where trades can work efficiently year-round, ensuring the progress of projects and meeting deadlines. This adds to the 70 sheds on site that are already operating at capacity.


The first of the 18-metre sheds is open and the other nine are to be ready for visiting vessels early in 2024.

“We’re proud to provide the most Sheds for any boat yard in the Southern Hemisphere,” says Longhurst. “The benefits of undertaking work in sheds cannot be overstated,” he continues.

“They provide owners with privacy and peace of mind knowing their vessel is sheltered from the harsh sun and elements. It also allows trades and other marine professionals to ensure a better-quality outcome and control over all aspects of the project.”

Providing a dedicated and defined workspace for contractors and deliveries, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined workflow. Material and supplies have safe storage from the weather and are conveniently accessible for the refit project.

To further streamline all operations, The Boat Works has also added new hardstand space for vessels up to 50 metres, equipped with full power and recycled water, giving customers even more choice for their boat maintenance and refit projects in a clean environment. Areas will be designated as task-specific zones for different aspects of boat maintenance and refit.

“With these new work allocations, we anticipate a smoother workflow, allowing us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of project delivery and quality,” says General Manage, Shane Subichin.

Stage 5 also includes a new boatbuilding shed, extra car parking, and new offices and professional business suites known as The Dock 2 overlooking the marina.

“We’re laying foundations for The Dock 2,” says Longhurst. “The momentum is staggering. We’re confident these enhancements will not only elevate our capabilities but also contribute to the success of our onsite skilled marine trades and service capabilities and performance.

“As we embark on this exciting chapter, we look forward to welcoming you to the new section of the Northern Superyacht Yard.”



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