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Boutique Hotel Milano Scala's green approach achieves zero emissions without jeopardising comfort.

15 September 2020


The Hotel Milano Scala combines comfort, safety and design with full awareness of the environment.

Wellness, safety and comfort have always been at the heart of Hotel Milano Scala and Sky Terrace. The boutique hotel in the capital of Lombardy in the Brera area, just a stone’s throw from the cathedral, has stood out in recent years for its focus on sustainability and customer service.

From the day it opened, the first thought was to make guests feel welcome and cared for. This remains at the heart of the Hotel Milano Scala even after its reopening on 1 September.

The team works consistently to adapt to all safety measures and procedures without losing sight of comfort. Wearing masks and providing disinfectants ensures the individual protection of each person so that nothing stands in the way of a relaxing stay in the hotel or on the roof terrace.

The arrangement of the tables, the confidential dividers and the possibility of reserving parts of the rooms ensures maximum safety and wellbeing.


The Milano Scala is not only the first zero-emission hotel in the centre of Milan, but also reflects the owner’s green vision.

Inside the hotel, all rooms have been equipped with an air filtration system that reduces indoor air pollution by 80 percent.

The wellbeing of guests and staff alike is greatly improved as a result. This also guarantees the quality of sleep equivalent to a night in the high mountains, with all the corresponding health benefits in terms of rest and relaxation.




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