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Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat introduces a new approach to wellness in Queensland.

15 September 2020


Tony de Leede, the owner of Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and Wellness Solutions has introduced a new style of wellness fit for the 21st-century.  These new treatments are being offered at no extra cost and are available to all guests at the retreat.

The Breathing and Meditation Chair guides users to breathe more consciously, slowly and deeply and includes an air-purifier oxygen concentrate, guided breathing exercises and a zero-gravity experience. It works by guiding you through breathing exercises while subtly repositioning the body and maximising the amount of oxygen your lungs and take in with each breath.

The built-in routines encourage breathing through the diaphragm, which is strongly linked with yoga and meditation practices. This can lower the heart rate, improve muscle stability and promote deeper states of relaxation.

The Recovery chair is more than a traditional massage chair and offers unique body-scanning technology for a total mind and body recovery experience. It works by automatically measuring the length of your spine and adjusting the massage accordingly. Temperature controls evenly heat the body to increase blood flow and circulation and relieving fatigue.


The Infrared Sauna offers a combination of infrared technology and colour light therapy to restore physical and mental balance. It works by heating your body directly rather than a traditional sauna that heats the air around you and then heats your body. What this means is the infrared saunas can penetrate deep into muscle tissue and detoxify from the outside.

Himalayan Pink Salt can be added to the sauna, which naturally purifies the oxygen. Spending time in this salt therapy environment reduces stress, eases skin irritations and boosts energy.

Guests at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat will be invited to experience these products at no charge from late October 2020.

Tony de Leede, one of the leading entrepreneurs in the global fitness industry, is incredibly passionate about the growing need for wellness in all walks of life.

“My experience in wellness has enabled me to collect a range of industry-leading products that provide wellness and health benefits for users.”

De Leede is also making these products available for lease at home from $59.95 per month or to buy outright.




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