Sun and light

Silent Yachts has revealed their new carbon-fibre tri-deck catamaran, the SILENT 62.

31 March 2021


Austrian dealer Silent Yachts have announced their upcoming tri-deck catamaran, the SILENT 62.

Modelled after the SILENT 60, the SILENT 62 continues the brand’s pursuit of yachts powered completely by the sun. Sharing the same powertrain as its predecessor, the SILENT 62 is equipped with 42 powerful solar panels, achieving up to 17 kilowatts peak.

The silent electric propulsion system reduces operational costs compared to more traditional propulsion systems while also allowing the SILENT 62 to cruise efficiently for 100 miles a day across multiple weeks without a recharge.

But the SILENT 62 enables a sense of peace of mind beyond greenhouse emissions. With a draft of less than one metre, the SILENT 62 is also able to reach the shallow bays prevalent throughout the Caribbean and South East Asia, enabling owners to be closer to shore without risking damage.

The original addition to the SILENT 62 however is its choice of carbon fibre, reducing the weight of the model while maintaining dexterity and strength.


“In order to optimise the sailing characteristics of the yacht, the hull has been enlarged by two feet which additionally offers more space on the already spacious bathing platform,” explains founder and CEO, Michael Köhler. “To reduce the overall weight, we made an extensive use of carbon-fibre for this version.”

As Köhler references, the SILENT 62 prioritises space. With an additional deck, rather than a flybridge, the model features an extra 50 square metres on board. This third deck is also offered in three variations: open sky lounge, closed sky lounge and the owner’s suite.

The open sky lounge offers owners a traditional 50 square metre open fly deck with bar, galley, dining table and bench for up to 12 people, lounge areas as well as a fly helm. The closed sky lounge prioritises 360-degree unobstructed panoramic views, complemented by an 18 square metre closed fly deck equipped with a bar and a second galley, as well as a 32 square metre terrace in the aft.

The owner’s suite reflects the closed sky lounge but with privacy, the variation featuring 18 square metre owner’s suite with ensuite bathroom, complete panoramic views and 32 square metre private terrace.

“We are a client-focused company, and we are always open to new challenges,” said Köhler.

“So, when a client approached us with the idea to add an extra level, we were happy to give it a go. Now it’s official – we’re offering this fantastic yacht as part of our range.”

 Currently, three SILENT 62 models have already been sold: one to an owner in Europe and two in the US.

Silent Yachts are a producer of solar-powered yachts based in Austria, created by Michael & Heike Köhler. In 2009, Silent Yachts released their first model, the SOLARWAVE 46.



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