Stay, day and play club

A new way of enjoying the superyacht lifestyle allows members to enjoy the myriad pleasures of first-class yachting in various locations around the world, with just one membership fee.

Written by Jeni Bone
Photography by Maha Yacht Club

10 May 2017


The Maha Yacht Club, a joint venture between the Sovren House Group and Seatai Hotels is close to commencing operations, and now seeking members for its innovative concept.

Maha Yacht Club was created by a partnership between business owner and past Superyacht Captain Stephen White, Adrian Zecha, founder of luxury hotel chain Aman Resorts and top hotelier Jonathan Breene. This expert team worked on the concept for three years and launched it to the high net worth market last August.

For a one-time membership fee, the exclusive Club offers access to a fleet of superyachts for an elite committee of motor yachting and experiential travel enthusiasts.

Members will have access to three vessels: the mother ship, a 36-metre custom designed Feadship, a 16-metre Bellagio Day boat for day-to-day experience at sea, allowing the guests to have more mobility and flexibility whilst on the water, and the third, a 10-metre ‘Play’ boat, ideal for quick trips to the shore, between neighbouring yachts or any form of water sports. 


The Maha fleet will be kept in yachting hubs across the globe in order to tie in with the go-to destinations of the target audience. Overall, the Feadship fleet – “the hardware” is enhanced by the “software”, the unrivalled service provided onboard by the crew, all of whom are trained to the exceptional Zecha (Aman Resorts) standards.

“The plan is to make the Mediterranean the central point, but there will be one yacht on the west coast of the Atlantic, the Bahamas and Caribbean, and there will also be one full time in the Thai area,” said Stephen White.

“The hassle and unforeseen expenses of yacht ownership will be replaced with the fulfilment and enjoyment of headache free yachting. Our team of professionals guarantee exemplary management and service as well as eliminating the problematic challenges that come so often as an owner.Our one-time payment ensures there will be no additional maintenance expenses.”

The Maha offering will be especially appealing in Asian locations such as Phuket and Bali, that offer a narrower choice of charter yachts and will guarantee members access to a high-quality yacht and world-class crew.

Vessels are under construction while the company markets the concept via yacht shows, such as the recent Singapore Yacht Show, and Sovren House Group will target “introducers” and founding members in key locations to generate interest.

On the decision to build with the internationally acclaimed Feadship, White said: “We have the best service, so you’ve got to have the best builder. Feadship are renowned for both the efficiency and ‘uniquity’ of their custom designed yachts.”

The concept offers owners the flexibility, ease of access at various locations and freedom from running and maintenance costs.

“40 weeks [over 10 years] of charter on board an equivalent Feadship would cost significantly more than Maha Yacht Club’s proposed fees,” the company stated.

“When viewed in that light, it’s deal, even without the benefits of club membership added on top.”

The company plans to grow the membership to comprise an international coterie of clients.

The intention is to have the first two yachts in operation for northern spring 2019. The Maha Yacht Club will inaugurate the first cluster in its fleet in the summer of 2019 in the waters of Ibiza. Shortly after, Bali, Phuket, South of France and Bahamas will be incorporated as homeports.


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