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Yacht school

Coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week, British manufacturer Oyster Yachts announces a new luxury yacht apprenticeship academy.

11 February 2021


Oyster Yachts has formally announced the Oyster Apprenticeship Academy, a new initiative by the British luxury yacht manufacturer to foster the next generation of builders.

Announced in line with the UK’s National Apprenticeship Week, the academy –created in conjunction with both Southampton City College and Norwich City College – will see up to 18 apprentices on an annual basis.

Oyster Yacht’s Wroxham facility is currently planned to station up to ten of the apprentices with the remaining being placed at Southampton. A significant decision, considering the global impact COVID-19 has had on employment.

This initiative will be an expansion of Oyster Yacht’s already existing apprenticeship scheme, which currently offers two programs: The Boat Building and Engineering apprenticeship, which teaches all internal and external aspects of boat building; and the hands-on Engineering Apprenticeship.

This additional program is set to allow the luxury yacht builder to increase its number of hired apprentices, while simultaneously allowing for a more pragmatic, worthwhile education framework.


“We are keen to continue to encourage people to join Oyster’s team of master craftspeople. We have a team of mentors who work with apprentices on their professional development so they are able to learn from the time-honoured craftspeople who work at Oyster,” said Oyster Training and Development Officer Bazil Figura, who is leading the Oyster Apprenticeship Academy.

“The training at our Oyster facilities will complement and enhance classroom learning and ensure that skills and knowledge are transferred from classroom theory to manufacturing knowledge.”

“The academy will also provide support in personal development with additional training to develop core skills.”

The Oyster Apprenticeship Academy is set to provide complete support, beginning with the initial recruitment and interviewing process. Beyond graduation, Oyster Yachts offers a pragmatic plan to continue working alongside the newly qualified graduates in their first year of employment.

“Our objective with the Oyster Apprenticeship Academy is simple. As a company, we are committed to ensuring that we develop and grow the skills that are inherent in British boatbuilding and, in this way, we can ensure that these talents continue for generations to come,” added Oyster Yachts CEO and owner Richard Hadida.

“Through the academy, we can encourage young talent into the business and help shape their skills so that sailors will always be able to experience the world’s finest bluewater sailing yachts.”



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