Nature’s fierce glory

Underwater stills photographer and expeditioner Amos Nachoum’s extraordinary images are a visual plea to understand the ocean’s predatory animals in order to protect them – and their environment.

18 June 2020


Master photographer of threatened and endangered big animals worldwide, Amos Nachoum’s vision is to raise awareness of ocean giants in their habitats. With respect and compassion, his photographs strive to dispel the myth of dangerous wildlife and instead show harmonious interactions between man and animal – and nature in all her fierce glory.

Amos has won numerous industry and international awards – including the Nikon award, the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award (twice), and the American Photographic Artist competition – and his photos and essays have appeared in leading magazines worldwide.

Amos was also voted the 2019 SeaKeeper of the Year, where he shared his vision – In the Company of Ocean Giants – at a prestigious TedTalk to a standing ovation, and leads wildlife photography expeditions with his company BigAnimals.com

Now, 10 years in the making, the movie Picture of his Life, which has just been released to an exclusive audience, has arrived for you to enjoy.

Watch the trailer here.


“My message is: there is hope of saving our environment. It is not too late to make a difference, but the time is now. We need to become more careful about our behaviour and our actions – conservation is now calling us to action. After all, extinction is forever.”

Amos Nachoum

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