Wheeebo takes wing

Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. has invested in Oceanos Co. Ltd. the newly formed company resulting from the spin-off of the Wheeebo watercraft project.

13 December 2023


Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. is investing in the Wheeebo project through a new start-up called Oceanos Co. Ltd.

Wheebo, developed by Yanmar for marine leisure, aims to create exciting experiences in the marine pleasure sector. Weighing 20kg, Wheeebo is suited to calm waters such as beaches and lakes.

Powered by an electric motor that delivers a speed of 3 knots and suitable for people six-years and above, the Wheeebo is also the perfect entry into the world of marine activities for newcomers to the water.

It has a two-hour operation time and charges in one hour.


In 2021, Yanmar participated in Spirete Inc’s entrepreneurial program for more agile decision-making and diverse business perspectives, with the goal of becoming an independent startup.

With the collaboration of Spirete Inc., the spin-off to the startup Oceanos Co. Ltd. has now been realised.

Yanmar HD’s investment in Oceanos will support the advancement of the ‘Wheeebo’ project.

Embracing the spirit of ‘HANASAKA’ that encourages challenges, Yanmar HD remains committed to supporting startups venturing into new businesses.



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