Dine under the sea in the Maldives.

Photography by Anantara

14 December 2023


In a bold culinary move that further cements its global standing for redefining dining extravagance, Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is diving into uncharted waters – literally.

Elevating epicurean adventures to unprecedented depths, the renowned resort introduces a pioneering 3D sensory dining event, immersing patrons 6 metres beneath the sea.

This marks the Maldives’ inaugural truly immersive underwater dining experience, set within the confines of the celebrated SEA Underwater Restaurant.

Renowned for its otherworldly ocean views, SEA Underwater Restaurant offers a distinctively immersive 3D dining encounter.

Against a backdrop of sharks, turtles, and tropical fish gracefully gliding past glass windows, guests are treated to a gastronomic spectacle paired with fine wines. Every moment becomes a sensory delight, creating an idyllic ambience for the evening’s aquatic escapade.


The Message in a Bottle-themed dining experience is not a mere meal but a journey of enlightenment, a feast for the senses, and a poignant call to safeguard our planet’s most precious jewel – the oceans.

Envision an underwater odyssey intertwining storytelling artistry, magical illusions, and cutting-edge 3D technology. Picture an intimate gathering of 16 guests embarking on a two-hour, six-course voyage of entertainment and discovery.

The enchanted evening commences with an otherworldly foretelling, as an Avatar from the future dispatches a fairy back to our present time.

This mystical messenger carries a message in a bottle – a heartfelt plea for ocean conservation and planetary protection. Illustrating the detrimental impact of unsustainable practices on earth, the fairy guides guests through simple steps to reverse these effects.

This sustainability message threads through the entire experience, from the storyline and visual effects to the meticulously crafted dishes forming the sumptuous meal.

Executive Chef Joachim Textor orchestrates a culinary symphony, guiding diners through a symbolic journey from the deep sea to the Arctic, and from the beach to the coral reef.

Each dish mirrors an aspect of ocean conservation, delivered in engaging, entertaining ways, featuring seafood from around the globe and a medley of surprises.

Diners, far from being passive observers, actively participate in the show, indulging in interactive activities that transcend the typical dining experience.

Interwoven into the narrative is a recently published reef study, an outcome of extensive research and a groundbreaking scientific evaluation of Anantara Kihavah’s award-winning house reef throughout 2022 and 2023.

Aligned with the evening’s theme, the study aims to convey a compelling message on reef appreciation and conservation.

Available until March 2024, this extraordinary culinary odyssey is priced at US$450++ for adults and US$200++ for children aged eight to 11.

Scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday night, it seamlessly combines the thrill of dining in an underwater haven overlooking an award-winning house reef, the pleasure of relishing exquisitely prepared seafood paired with fine wines, and the joy of being immersed in a 3D adventure of epic proportions.

An opportunity of a lifetime, not to be missed.



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