Waste warriors

Aluminium marina specialist, Poralu Marine has launched The Searial Cleaners, the world’s first range of shoreline waste collectors.

06 July 2021


As part of its commitment to environmental protection, Poralu has developed an innovative range of shoreline waste collectors known collectively as ‘The Searial Cleaners’ and focused on “the conservation of lakeside and maritime coastline environments”.

For 35 years the company has been an active player in the territorial development of natural shorelines, making them more accessible to people.

Following the European Union threshold set in 2020 relating to washed up marine waste on beaches: fewer than 20 items of debris every 100 metres, Poralu is marketing a range of products to clean beaches with the ambition “to become the leader in shoreline litter collection”.

Each product has features enabling it to collect solid and liquid waste, both in water and on different types of terrain. 90 percent of marine litter comes from the shoreline.

This highly fragile area, at the edge of land and water, is a natural receptacle for waste from both human and nature’s activity.


It is the last region where man can easily, efficiently, and relatively inexpensively intercept and pick-up litter before it is swept off to sea or to the ocean.

The Searial Cleaners will be marketed throughout the world via Polaru Marine’s distribution network of products and services.

The first of which, known as BeBot, is a silent beach cleaning robot that is remotely controlled and moves over sandy beaches to meticulously clean them.

A floating drone, known as PixieDrone, will soon join BeBot. It moves at the surface of water to capture floating waste, while cleaning and analysing the quality of water.

The third superhero of the team is called InvisiBubble. This bubble barrier purifies water, deflects debris, isolates hydrocarbons and preserves fauna.

The three super products will be joined soon by X-Boat, the extraordinary waste collecting boat, and within three years, the new range will be composed of seven or eight new products.




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