The Solaris 50: “A sexy, elegant delight”

Team Windcraft’s Solaris 50 has just been named best Large Monohull by the International Best Boat panel for 2017.

Photography by Team Wildcraft

03 April 2017


Previously awarded the European Performance Cruiser of the Year for 2016, the Solaris 50 has entered 2017 with a bang, winning top award in the Large Monohull Category in the International Best Boat awards.

In their citation for its win, the International Best Boat judges identified the Solaris 50’s innovative design, optimal performance build and inspired style considerations as key to its victory.

“The Solaris 50 is a beautiful boat,” said Anthony Bishop, new owner of Team Windcraft. “Every boat is constructed with the utmost attention to detail and is a true masterpiece of Italian design.”

Designed by Argentinian Javier Soto Acebal, the Solaris 50 is distinguished by a low profile teak deck, providing an uncluttered view from the hull and enabling the skipper to feel the glide and pull of each nuance the yacht makes through the water. The Solaris 50’s luxury interior is unobtrusive in its integration of key features, including a hidden lifecraft locker, a bimini frame that can support a fully enclosed deck shelter when deployed and a very usable dinghy garage hidden behind a fold-down transom.


Generous accommodation is the capstone in the Solaris 50’s top-down commitment to a luxury sailing experience, providing a grandly scaled saloon, a pair of large aft cabins, as well as a capacious owner’s stateroom in the forward.

A consecutive year of victory for the Solaris 50 distinguishes it as a considerable giant in its category; a luxury option for the most discerning owner.



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