Tender moment

Sacs Tecnorib has revealed the first renderings of the versatile new Pirelli X400 Jet Tender.

15 February 2024


Sacs Tecnorib has revealed the first renderings of the new Pirelli X400 Jet Tender, which made its world premiere at boot Düsseldorf 2024 in January.

The Italian company used the German boat show to launch two brand new models of the Pirelli Tender line, the Pirelli X350 and the Pirelli X400.

The Pirelli X400 Jet Tender is born from a collaboration between Sacs Tecnorib and Italian designer Christian Grande. Both models join the X line of Pirelli-branded Jet Tenders, which join the J range to widen the brand’s offering.

Sacs Tecnorib says both the Pirelli X350 and X400 elevate the concept of a tender, increasing the vessel’s versatility with a range of customisations and accessories.

Sacs Technorib was born in late 2021 when the companies Sacs srl and Tecnorib srl (the official licensee of the Pirelli and PZero brands for inflatable boats), joined forces to form Sacs Tecnorib Spa.


The firm says the design of the new Pirelli X400 Jet Tender is characterised by soft and inviting shapes, with a wide bow and configurable backrests for the seats.

The layout favours space and habitability. Sacs Tecnorib says the variety of accessories and customisations available makes the X line adaptable to the needs of every customer and every size of yacht garage, allowing flexible use of the craft.

Among the many branded accessories, owners can choose bags to mount on the sides of the tubes, a document and personal effect holder to attach to the console, and wakeboard racks, all secured with a special buckle system to maximise the available space.

The waterjet propulsion includes a 90 hp Rotax ACE 903 gasoline engine package.



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