Tahiti ties

The 6th Superyacht Australia Tahiti Rendezvous, 22 June 2018 at the Marina Taina, Papeete, has been hailed an all-round success, judging by feedback from participating Australian marine businesses, Captains and crews and local enterprises and owners in the right place at the right time to celebrate.

Photography by AIMEX-Superyacht Australia

27 June 2018


The annual networking event unites Australian marine businesses, superyacht Captains and crews in promoting Australia’s facilities, services and cruising grounds with the aim of increasing visitation ‘Down Under’.

The 2018 edition involved around 200 Captains and crew from the superyachts cruising and chartering in the South Pacific region, as well as Australian superyacht industry stakeholders.

One of the key events during the Rendezvous is the legendary Captains’ Lunch, updating the skippers on latest from the Australian superyacht industry, refits, new anchorages and infrastructure, and changes to regulations.

Australian marine brands and businesses promote their facilities, suggest cruising itineraries and position Australia as a proactive and world-class industry. This occasion was topped off by the extremely competitive Chef’s Cookoff Culinary Competition which traditionally has a distinctly Aussie flavour!


Captain Michael Gooding of Silentworld steered his crew to a victory with an amazing display of culinary effort, with the “wow” factor, according to judge Captain Pat McLoughlin from Australian Superyacht Services Queensland.

“The Silentworld crew cooked and presented their vegetables in a Pirate’s Treasure Chest, which was very impressive. It was an awesome display from very competent young people all at the top of their game.

“They prepared marvellous cocktails using one of the secret ingredients, Bundaberg Rum, which all the judges appreciated and went back for seconds!

“Judges were blown away by the effort and energy. Yachts came from all over French Polynesia to be part of this event that they’ve all heard about, and now, will be talking about for the next 12 months! It can only get bigger and better.”

Steve Fisher Director of International Business at Rivergate Marina & Shipyard had a key role in the event as well as judging the Chefs’ Cook Off.

“This year, there were yachts that steamed back from the outer islands to be in Papeete on the day, having finished their Owner’s trips in the outer islands. There was a yacht which was beginning its voyage with its New York guests, but chose to stay in port to join in with the rendezvous and enjoy the fun before departing the next morning. Another yacht delayed in Papeete, before sailing west to continue their world cruise so they could partake of all the excitement.

“The gathering of a fleet is what the opportunity is all about and the ultimate strength will be that it benefits Tahiti, as well Australia as a whole. Even those Australian Marine Companies that do not attend, obtain value out of this promotion; the event embraces the true meaning of a Rendezvous.”

Mr Fisher said the Superyacht Australia Tahiti Rendezvous is a brilliant opportunity for Australians to collaborate and share our unique hospitality with Captains, crews and industry proponents.

“Then there’s the objective of disseminating current information to educate and inform, to ensure Australia is on the map and considered a compelling next choice superyacht destination for Captains and owners,” he added.

“The Tahiti Rendezvous grows in significance each year. Rivergate Shipyard & Marina is proud to be the major sponsor of this important initiative and to collaborate with a wonderful group of professional seafarers.

“The spirit of the event, the warm welcome of our hosts and the enthusiasm all those involved invest in the event make it a valuable means of strengthening ties in our region and generating interest in Australia for the many facets of our superyacht industry.”

Coinciding with the Superyacht Australia Tahiti Rendezvous is the 12th annual Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous, 22 to 24 June, the celebration of the seasonal “Pacific Puddle Jump” which sees almost 200 vessels from the US and Mexico arrive in the Pacific isles.

The three-day event is a warm Polynesian welcome to cruising sailors to toast their successful ocean crossing, some 3,000 miles. The Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous serves the dual purpose of celebrating the fleet’s safe arrival in the islands while introducing international sailors to time-honored cultural traditions in music, dance, cuisine and sport, including vigorous outrigger canoe races.



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