Sweet music

Videoworks reveals the secrets of the innovative Music Hull, the solution that allows you to listen to high-definition music underwater.

26 June 2019


Ever wanted to listen to music underwater while you swim or enjoy a deep sea dive? Now you can, thanks to the innovative Music Hull, a solution stemming from an idea of the Ferretti Group Engineering Department and developed by Videoworks. It will be presented for the first time ever on the new Pershing 8X.

The Music Hull system transforms the hull itself into a loudspeaker that can propagate high definition sound underwater. The system is based on the installation of shakers on the inner surface of the bottom’s stern section.

“One of the crucial aspects of the project was finding the correct positions for the shakers,” explains Maurizio Minossi, CTO for Videoworks. These devices are never in direct contact with the water, but they can propagate sound waves underwater by making a submerged part of the hull vibrate.

Essentially this audio technology uses bending waves, filling space with an even acoustic pressure without requiring holes or openings in the hull. The quality and high fidelity of the sound is guaranteed by an electronic equalisation algorithm that allows the system to independently calibrate in real time.


The sound coming from the Music Hull system can be heard in a radius of about 20 metres around the yacht, with a feature that makes it very different from classic external loudspeakers: the intensity decreases linearly and not with the square of the distance, which means it decreases more slowly.

During the various tests carried out by the Videoworks team, the Music Hull system was calibrated to provide optimal performance in fresh- and salt-water. A large temperature interval was considered as well.

Owners can manage Music Hull very easily through VOTIS (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System), an innovative technology that combines in one device (smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch) all the various commands of the devices. It can also be used to manage domotics on board.


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