Summer fireworks

Don your geta sandals and yukata (Japanese summer kimono-like robe) and take to the streets for the light show of a lifetime in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Photography by Hamamatsu & Lake Hamana Tourism Bureau

26 July 2022


Summer festival season in July and August is much anticipated in Japan and the accompanying fireworks displays are truly sensational.

Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana are the venue for many such festivals in summertime and the sight of fireworks displays colouring the lake and sky are something to behold.

Japanese fireworks are unique in that they are round, so no matter what angle they are viewed from they look incredible, allowing many people to enjoy them at once.

The om-ake fireworks are set on floating pontoons in the middle of the lake, and remotely ignited, giving an incredible visual effect.

Choose one or all of the following spectacular light shows.



Mikkabi Fireworks Festival (14 August 2022)

This on-lake fireworks festival showcases fireworks spread across the surface of the lake in a half sphere, combining with their reflections on the surface of the lake enlarging the view of the fireworks and are the highlight of the show.


Kanzanji Onsen Lantern Floating and Fireworks Festival

See thousands of lanterns floating on Lake Hamana while colourful fireworks light up the sky with the loud explosions reverberating from Mt Okusa on the opposite shore.


Fireworks Festival of Fukuroi Enshu

The National Pyrotechnician Competition is a program in which selected pyrotechnicians from around the country compete against each other. This show is one of the largest and most gorgeous, featuring fireworks such as mid-air Niagara and Star Mines.



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