Solar mission

Innovative renewables-powered vessel M/S Porrima partners with LUX* South Ari Atoll.

07 July 2022


LUX* South Ari Atoll will welcome the Blue Odyssey sailing project, Porrima, the world’s first vessel powered solely on renewables by solar, wind and hydrogen energy.

Sailing under the Swiss flag, Porrima has just set sail from Dubai to the Maldives as part of its circumnavigation of the globe and will end its ambassadorship voyage at the opening of Osaka World Expo in 2025, where the innovative experience will be presented in the Blue Pavilion.

The 36-metre vessel has 515 square metres of solar panels on board capable of propelling the boat. Its excess energy also converts seawater to hydrogen. Within the Blue Odyssey project, Porrima has already crossed every major ocean twice, with the main purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs and companies to take on planet-friendly initiatives and the best in technology to create an impact.

In the second week of July 2022, LUX* South Ari Atoll will host the legendary boat and its crew on the island of Dhidhoofinolhu.

The resort’s objective in initiating such projects aims to help the Maldives become one of the pioneers of the hydrogen economy.


While visiting Maldivian atolls, Porrima will showcase its power solutions: two skysails that offer electric power during the day and night.

The combination of solar power and ‘intelligent’ kites, along with the production of drinking water and hydrogen energy will be the main discussion topics during the visit.

The Porrima Foundation managing the vessel complements a high-tech development strategy with a commitment to preserving and regenerating nature. One of these areas is its long-term research of sea life in general and turtles in particular.

The network of scientists will record and transmit health data of the Maldivian turtle population for further development. The project team will also learn how local communities create special living conditions for the endangered turtles by visiting dedicated research centres.



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