Silver screen

Yacht Intelligence designs an on-deck cinema for 88-metre Project Lotus.

06 May 2020


Yacht Intelligence has designed an innovative sail-meets-cinema concept aboard the 88-metre Lotus.

A design and build collaboration between Royal Huisman, Thirty C and Dykstra Naval Architects, the 88-metre superyacht design is twin-masted with a Dyna rig, which provides the perfect excuse for an amazing state-of-the-art
open-air cinema setup.

Utilising Lotus’ Dyna rig to provide the screen, the open-air theatre will be visible from the entire top deck, with ample space for friends, family and guests to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Creating a cinema in an outside space brings with it a range of complexities, especially on a sun deck. Taking care to not disrupt the furniture arrangement or limit the available space by the installation of unsightly cinema equipment, we worked to develop an integrated system that would be permanently installed; eliminating the need for additional plugs or setup procedure.

The HD cinema screen will utilise the lower part of the sail on the forward mast, creating a 17.6-metre screen (diagonally), 15-metre wide by 9.3-metre high, and a 4K screen is also an option. The projector itself is mounted into a custom future automation rise and fall lift, installed within the bar.


Designed to work in the early evening light as well as at night, the setup offers a highly-desirable, more versatile option.

Building on the subtle, integrated design, 9.2 Surround Sound audio has been specified to come from the James Loudspeaker range, which negates the need for big on-deck speakers that would interfere with the boat’s design and layout.

Using the custom curved Left/Centre/Right, the speaker system will raise automatically from the curved seating and will be designed to match the finish of the seating and discreetly blend in.

As to be expected from a Yacht Intelligence audiovisual design, all can be controlled via iPad using a Crestron control system with an app, and the system is compatible with an array of movie library sources.


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