Recollect, redefine, refocus

The Monaco Yacht Show has announced plans to redevelop the event to prioritise the yacht industry.

25 February 2021

When COVID-19 collided with our lives, it brought a level of disruption and disorientation that we weren’t familiar with. The busyness of everyday life suddenly and abruptly ended. We were all forced to accept a new paralysis and wait for the return to normalcy.

But for the Informa Group, the owners of the Monaco Yacht Show, the pause was embraced as an opportunity. A moment to recollect, redefine and rework the annual superyacht event and where its priorities lie.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show, which was then scheduled for September, Informa Group made plans to refocus the event. The new focal point is now the interaction and contribution of the yacht owners themselves.

This new Monaco Yacht Show will feature tweaked alterations from both within the event itself and for those attending. Most notably, Informa Group has announced its intention to match the annual amount invested by the yacht industry. They have also established a new Steering Committee – an advisory board comprised entirely of those within the yacht industry.


For the event itself, the Monaco Yacht Show will now run on a three-badge system: Discover, for yacht clients; Advise, for advisors and consultants; followed by Connect, for trade visitors.

The purpose of the badge system is to help streamline and prioritise those immediately within the yacht industry.

For example, on 22 September – the current opening date for this year’s show – only those with a Discover and Advise badge are invited to attend the Dockside Area of the event. A decision that makes the day a more personalised, one-on-one experience for those within the yacht industry.

Complementing this new system is an updated digital registration designed to foster and simplify the interactions between visitors and exhibitors during the show and over the year.

The Monaco Yacht Show has also unveiled its new Sapphire Experience, a VIP program for superyacht owners, charterers and potential clients, brimming with exclusive activities both at the show and throughout Monaco itself.

Two new first-class VIP entrances have also been placed near the Upper Deck Lounge, the exhibition space for the show’s luxury partners.

The decision to place the yacht industry at the heart of the Monaco Yacht Show represents the pursuit to win over new audiences both within, and parallel to, yachting. A direction that, despite everything that’s happened, illuminates the benefit of pausing and starting over.



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