Toast to business builders

Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA) has celebrated its first anniversary of providing knowledge, expertise and contacts to various businesses and industry bodies across the globe.

25 February 2021


GMBA started as an idea generated by three industry stalwarts who felt passionately that the knowledge, expertise and networks of individuals who had been involved in key roles within the industry should be harnessed and used cost-effectively for the benefit of the whole industry.

To this end, GMBA was born, initially bringing on board 12 targeted personalities from across the globe.  The single focus was to bring on people whose skills, experience and networks could help marine industry businesses grow and make entering global markets an easier and more cost-effective opportunity.

Thom Dammrich USA commented, “Industry, in the beginning, questioned what exactly GMBA consultants were offering – it was not as clear as it could have been due to the fact no specific advertising had been undertaken to promote the business.”

“It was decided early on at its inception that due to the pandemic occurring just prior to the launch of GMBA, we would take an organic approach to our own marketing, utilising existing networks, social media and industry online publications.”


Jouko Huju from Finland stated, “Our advisors are currently either working independently or in teams.”

“Their key advantage is the significant networks, knowledge and general expertise at their fingertips. GMBA has opened doors and identified opportunities that only years in the sector can initiate. Given most of the advisors have worked together in the past in one form or another and are well known to each other, it makes collaborating on global projects easy and generally achieves better outcomes for the clients.”

Alongside their considerable knowledge, these worldwide advisors bring a cultural dimension to their approach with an in-depth knowledge of the markets in which they live and work as many countries may speak a similar language, but the social norms can be very different.

YP Loke in Singapore commented, “It’s hard to find another consultancy group in recreational boating that is as knowledgeable and geographically diverse.”

“Our connectivity to the marketplace and each other has ensured we are well-positioned to support our clients, whether that is individually or collectively.”

Maryanne Edwards from Australia stated, “I said at our original launch it is a tough road for businesses entering and surviving in the marine industry nationally and globally, whether in the recreational boating or the superyacht sector. The pandemic has only made this more difficult. ”

“It has been exciting to be able to open doors to global markets and provide introductions for exporters and importers, shortcutting that often arduous road to new markets.”

Despite a slow start due to the pandemic, GMBA has flourished, growing to now include 17 consultants reporting a broad range of activities over the past 12 months.

Given the close relationships between GMBA advisors, their services have been able to be provided efficiently and effectively. This ensures the client gets the best advice, connections and data available at a realistic and affordable cost.

All projects undertaken are confidential and reports provided are solely for the use of the client however we can share some project examples:

    • Assessing the situation of marinas in specific countries/regions in order to implement strategic development plans for boating activities.
    • Helping marine industry businesses explore potential export markets.
    • Undertaking an assessment, technical diagnosis and a consulting mission for a Port Authority.
    • Working with boat builders/manufacturers to find subcontract manufacturing in the US.
    • Developing a market intelligence webinar for the Finnish boating industry.
    • Helping an equipment importer sell the company.
    • Development of marketing strategies and key data for businesses to enter global markets, including reviewing websites for various businesses to optimise sales.
    • Researching investment opportunities for global players.
    • Designing and assessing feasibility of automated dry stacks.
    • Appraisal for marina acquisitions and marina designs.

The launch of the GMBA website in 2020 clarified the focus of GMBA, encouraged enquiries and allowed a platform for the GMBA consultants to provide specific country data and personal views on key topics. The launch of a monthly newsletter this year has also been well received with the next one due out later this month.

A current GMBA project is the development of market intelligence seminars for various businesses and industry bodies.

An extremely successful seminar was hosted in Finland in which ten consultants participated, providing market intelligence targeted for Finnish businesses wishing to look at the opportunities in global markets. This seminar was a huge benefit for the Finnish government export organisation who felt GMBA delivered this professionally and cost-effectively.

When asked what is on the radar for GMBA in 2021 Jouko Huju Finland stated, “Like many in the industry, we are hoping for the COVID-19 situation to stabilise, for international travel to resume and for the ability to meet directly with our many clients and industry colleagues.

“In the meantime, are offering our country intelligence seminars to the industry, these can be presentations including all 17 countries or simply countries and markets relevant to individual organisations.

Global Marine Business Advisors currently has members in 17 countries across the globe: Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, UK the US and the UAE.



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