Personalised performance

The Benetti Now Fast series, announced at Yachts Miami last week, offers owners an extensive array of personalisation, along with increased performance.

Photography by Benetti

20 February 2017


Unveiled at Yachts Miami last week, Benetti’s Now Fast series offers extensive options for personalised details in design, interiors and features.

Benetti shipyard adds the new Benetti Now Fast designs to its fleet. First launched at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, Benetti Now custom superyachts built from steel and aluminium have doubled in number with the addition of the new Fast models.

The Fast project is aimed at owners who want a superyacht that has the volume and comfort typical of a displacement class yacht, but with more speed. The key feature of the designs is that they have all the comfort found in the displacement category, plus superior performance.

The Benetti Now Fast designs combine the elegance of Benetti yachts with more aggressively sporty lines, offering three different models: BF164’ (50-metres), BF184’ (56-metres – pictured above) and BF224’ (68-metres). Each model will also have an X variant (BF164’ X, BF 184’ X and BF 224’ X) to indicate the versions with a raised pilot house.

Faster cruising speeds translate into significantly shorter journey times, which is highly appreciated and sought-after by today’s owners.


To create the Benetti Now Fast models, the shipyard put together a team of internationally renowned engineers and designers: Omega Architects created the yacht’s aggressive, dynamic contours, Mulder Design handled the naval architecture, creating a high-performance hull to cruise at speed in total comfort, and Team 4 Design – Enrico Gobbi worked to produce the finest expression of the Italian art of interior design.

Extensive personalisation is offered on three different design levels: the exterior and interior layout – different versions with a closed sun deck or raised pilot house, but also custom layouts, the highly flexible decor, and engines with various levels of performance.

Benetti Now Fast yachts, like their sisters in the Benetti Now project, will be built at Benetti’s Livorno shipyard according to a fast track delivery schedule, with the help of Benetti’s advanced production and engineering structure.

The style of the interiors in all Benetti Now Fast superyachts is contemporary and luxurious while remaining understated, retains the distinctive features of Italian design, and enhances on board livability.

For the warm and balanced interiors of the BF164’ 50-metre, have been chosen smooth, rounded lines with very few angles that contrast with various geometric elements like tables and nightstands. The dominant wood used is light hued oak, creating a contrast with the dark natural walnut used for the C-shaped window structures.

The BF184’ 56-metre is designed with an interior setting that is as formal as it is edgy. Polished ebony is used as a counterpoint for the light oak walls, while the detailing features shades of light grey.

The BF224’ 68-metre is more classic in style. The shapes and surfaces are more richly decorated, while remaining contemporary. The wood varieties are lighter, creating a contrast between the beige oak furniture and the almost white oak of the walls, while the colours are calibrated to work with the yacht’s decor that includes Tiffany blue details.

Another point of strength of the hull in Benetti Now Fast designs is its significantly reduced draught compared with displacement superyachts, while maintaining excellent navigation parameters.

The optimisation work on the Benetti Now Fast hull is based on research in three key areas: structure, strength and stability. The result of this approach is comfort, high speed, improved safety and reliability, and also reduced fuel consumption.



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