Perfect timing

A first-time collaboration between three European icons has recalibrated the possibilities of sustainable yachting.

31 March 2021


European maritime icons, Pininfarina, Oceanco and Lateral Naval Architects have undergone a first-time collaboration to create the superyacht KAIROS.

Derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action,’ KAIROS represents an ambitious step for both yachting innovation and sustainable design.

Little is currently known about this new collaborative project beyond the model being built around an E-Hybrid propulsion system, which in turn utilises batteries as its primary source of energy.

KAIROS is also currently the first concept under Oceanco’s new initiative on sustainability and innovation: the NXT initiative.

The NXT initiative was established by Oceanco to help connect industry figureheads and build tangible, actionable benchmarks to ultimately turn the concept of the sustainable yacht industry into a reality.

This association is believed by Oceanco, according to a press release, to highlight how currently technologies can create a tangible future for sustainable yachting.


“KAIROS is a remarkable vision shared by three passionate, forward-thinking partners: Pininfarina, Lateral and Oceanco,” said Oceanco’s CEO Marcel Onkenhout.

“When owners see the Oceanco NXT endorsement on a yacht’s design, they know they can expect elevated standards of life on board that are in tune with new perspectives on sustainability and lifestyle.”

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Board at Pininfarina, shared Onkenhout’s sentiments: “Our passion as designers is to imagine new concepts of space that are capable of bringing enchantment to every moment of the yachting experience.”

Oceanco have stated that these details will be released in the upcoming months.



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