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The NZ Marine board has advised that the Auckland Boat Show will take place on 8–11 October 2020.

04 June 2020


The Auckland Boat Show will return in 2020 with a new name, new format and new dates, confirms NZ Marine, the show’s organisers.

The Auckland Boat Show is a major event for the New Zealand marine industry as a whole as well as a valuable and important event for Auckland.

The decision to change the name of the show to Auckland Boat Show came about in an attempt by show organisers to better reflect the wide and diverse exhibitors on display at the show.

Industry demand has seen the show grow over the last 22 years to incorporate more on-land displays of trailer powerboats and internal pavilion exhibits of marine equipment and service providers. As such, organisers have seen an increase in displays on land.

It is hoped that this subtle change will provide wider branding opportunities for exhibitors and to market new visitors to the show. The logo, branding and colours will remain the same, and the show will continue to display boats that are ready for sea trial.


The new dates are timed to bring the show into daylight saving and the final week of school holidays. The show will now be just two weeks prior to Labour weekend to motivate the boating public to get back into boating mode.

Land exhibitors will be moved to The Cloud on Queens Wharf, a ready-made venue that includes an internal cafe and lounge area with panoramic views overlooking Waitemata Harbour. Trailer powerboat companies will be on display right outside The Cloud.

The on-water display will continue in Viaduct Harbour, which in 2020 will be free to the boating public.

In a statement, NZ Marine said, “We look forward to promoting your company and boating as a great and healthy lifestyle at the Auckland Boat Show this spring.

We will be contacting current exhibitors over the next few days to continue the planning and are very much looking forward to bringing the industry an exciting event that we can all look forward to.

“The NZ Marine board does require that satisfactory uptake from exhibitors is achieved by 11 June, so get your booking to the Auckland Boat Show team now,” said NZ Marine in a statement.


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