Ocean TV
24 Aug 2022

OceanTV sits down with Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell, Sales & Marketing Manager at Echo Yachts in Western Australia, spoke with OceanTV during the Sydney International Boat Show about the brand’s past and present models, including the inimitable White Rabbit, the largest trimaran superyacht in the world, and how boatbuilding in Australia is making a comeback.

“More Australians are interested in pursuing their superyacht projects in Australia,” says Blackwell. “We custom design and build superyachts from 30 to 100 metres, and can also maintain and refit superyachts in our full-service shipyard based near Fremantle, just south of Perth.

“The options are endless,” he says. “We design very efficient vessels; that’s our focus. We build monohulls, catamarans and trimarans in all different material types – aluminimn, steel, composite – and, depending on what design the owner would like to use, we can create whatever they wish to have.”

It’s a trend more Australians are warming to, and it’s not surprising given the ease of proximity to the boatyards, being able to work in the same timezone, our stable economic environment and the level of quality available, not to mention the opportunity to customise vessels that are more efficient than ever – all in a timely way.

Made in Australia never looked so good.