New potential

Onda Tenders have released new images of its latest custom limousine tender.

05 March 2021


Greek manufacturer, Onda Tenders, have released the first images of its latest 321L limousine tender.

 Designed for the 95-metre superyacht, O’Pari, the tender embodies the ethos of Onda Tenders to revitalise the approach towards limousine tenders. A pursuit achieved by the builder’s use of contemporary designs that are as practical as they are luxurious.

 At 9.75 metres, the custom tender can fit up to 10 passengers, offering protected seating for all those on board. The model also has the option for retractable skylights that extend the entire length of a cabin, high-tech audio-visual systems, refrigerators, espresso machines, as well as front/rear navigation consoles – the latter enabling guest privacy within the cabin.

 With a design that balances stability with comfort and speed, the 321L limousine tender has achieved a top speed of 42 knots during its sea trials. An accomplishment that Onda Tenders have attributed to its double-step, deep-V hull and lightweight propulsion as well as the combination of composite materials that include carbon vinyl ester.


The comfort on board is ensured by the extensive insulation throughout the model, specifically designed to minimise noise and vibration for passengers on board.

“We have always aimed to expand the possibilities for the limousine tender market,” said Onda Tenders CEO, George Riginos.

“Luxury finishes and exceptional craftsmanship are to be expected on a vessel of this calibre but that shouldn’t be at the expense of speed, flexibility and practicality. Onda Tenders strives to build limousines that can offer them all to a new generation of discerning clients.”

Established in 1962, Onda Tenders is a Greek manufacturer dedicated to producing custom tenders for modern superyachts. Their shipyard is based in the south Athens’ suburb of Glyfada.



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