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Raymarine has launched the next LightHouse update for its systems, named “Guadeloupe”.

08 October 2021


Named after the French island territory in the Caribbean Sea, Raymarine’s new LightHouse update, Guadeloupe (v3.15), offers practical new features and enhancements for Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL MFD systems.

One of the most exciting is Guadeloupe’s new Anchor Drag Wizard. This provides step-by-step anchoring guidance, using live system data and maritime best practices.

With an intuitive on-screen display of the boat’s anchor swing radius and drag circles, the new Anchor Drag Wizard provides unparalleled awareness of a vessel’s movements at anchor

A new Shallow Depth Alarm enables skippers to be notified when the water below the keel drops below a certain depth and to set their alarm in 0.1-metre increments.

Enhancing Mercury’s Vessel View and their new SmartCraft connect gateway, Guadaloupe now offers users the ability to view SmartCraft engine data in both horizontal and vertical split-screens as well as in full-screen and pullout sidebar.


For sailors who enjoy racing or setting themselves performance targets, Guadeloupe’s updated Polar Library now includes over 470 popular cruising and racing sailboats. This allows skippers to take advantage of the system’s laylines and polar performance targets to help reach their maximum cruising speed.

With the addition of third-party Bluetooth compatibility, the Axiom range can be now be easily controlled using the iKey range of keyboards and trackpads, giving skippers full control even when not within arms reach of their MFD.

With Guadeloupe’s new Setting Lock function first responders and installers can ensure that an accidental change in settings does not lead to a dangerous situation at sea.

Pin protected, the Settings Lock applies to boat details, WiFi settings (including radar pairings), Bluetooth settings and depth transducer settings.

Raymarine’s new Guadeloupe LightHouse 3.15 operating system for Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL multifunction displays is now available and free to download using the Axiom’s software update feature or online.



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