Moving forward

Nordhavn have announced the addition of two new models to their range.

09 April 2021


Pacific Asian Enterprises have confirmed in a press release delivered last month that there will be an addition of two new Nordhavn models: the N625 and the N71.

As with the brand’s previous models, both the N625 and the N71 reflect a consistent pursuit in pushing its design forwards. The 60-foot N625, for example, takes elements of the previous N60, N63 N41 and N51 to create a more nuanced model in both function and aesthetic.

One element where this is seen is via, despite the near-identical size, the cleaner lines, slightly larger flybridge and larger cabin windows of the N625 when compared to the N60.

“It will feel lighter and brighter and give a sense of a bigger boat,” said Nordhavn co-owner and Chief of Design Jeff Leishman.

Similar to the Turkish-built N41 and N51, the N625 will utilise a production boat-approach to ordering, while also containing more equipment and features – therefore becoming a more resourceful buy.

Following the same direction of elevation, the N71 trails the design of the N80, offering owners the opportunity of a brand new hull that embraces the legacy of an elegant, modern passage-making yacht – specifically for those who prefer the 65 to 75-foot mark. A design that, according to Leishman, will fill a void.


“It was time to provide that size category in our product line with a new alternative,” he said, explaining that the N71 is a modern response to the third generation of Nordhavn models built in the early 2000s – accounting for the evolution of styling, technology and comfort we’ve seen over the last two decades.

Available in two layouts – a three stateroom with skylounge, or a four stateroom design – the N71 is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, yet still incorporates its twin model configuration, sleek lines and advanced engineering.

As is the case with all long-range Nordhavn’s, the N71 will possess ocean-crossing capabilities and built to the strictest CE Certification standards for offshore use.

“We took everything we knew from the Nordhavn 68 and 76 models and applied the parts that were most successful into creating the N71,” added Project Manager, Justin Zumwalt.

Also featured in the N71 are stepped-up lighting schedule, a sizeable dining room, spacious owner’s cabin and larger windows.

The N625 is currently planned to be built by Nordhavn’s partner factory, South Coast, at their brand-new Taiwanese facility, while the N71 will be built at Taiwan’s Ta Shing yard in Taiwan – the same facilities that build the N68 and N76 models.

The first N625, which is currently worth $2.4 million USD ($3,138,120 AUD) is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 while the N71, valued at $5 million USD ($6,537,750 AUD)is planned to commence construction January next year.



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