On your e-bikes

Moto Parilla has released luxury, pedal-assisted e-bikes Carbon and Trilix, made entirely in Italy.

13 April 2022


The Carbon and Trilix from Moto Parilla are pedal-assisted bikes produced and assembled entirely in Italy.

The main features of these bikes are the refined design, the high-quality materials and the tailor-made personalisation. A new concept of electric bike that fits into the world of luxury and design.

The hallmark of these e-bikes is the high degree of innovation and design, firmly integrated with the desire to bring the world of bicycles as close as possible to motorcycles.

These choices have led the company to create a series of truly refined models, with first-rate materials provided by a very short supply chain, made up of local suppliers in the vicinity of the Moto Parilla headquarters in Reggio Emilia.

Careful attention to the selection of materials, finishing and assembly, combined with endless solutions obtained from tailor-made customisation, targets the Moto Parilla bikes towards a narrow niche of consumers.


Such customers are eager to own not only a performing e-bike but also a stylish product that combines top quality with the exclusiveness of parts produced in limited numbers and made to measure.

Presently, the catalogue offers two models with a series of variants that can be further personalised.

Carbon is an e-bike with an exclusive, stylish and aggressive design, inspired by the merging of bicycles and motorcycles. The assembly takes place inside the workshop and is executed entirely by hand, bike by bike, paying particular attention to detail and personalisation.

Trilix is the perfect city e-bike ideal for urban use, boasting an attractive trellis frame with a unique design. Its assets are its ease of handling, quality batteries and its ability to be used in different contexts, whether in the city or in the suburbs.

A series of new projects are also being developed. This will expand the range in the Moto Parilla catalogue to include a bike with exclusive features suitable for the off-road sector.

A new Ultra Carbon prototype will also be made in limited numbers, with an engine capable of reaching 100 kilometres an hour.



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