Mother of pearl

Pearl Yachts has released a first look at its production facilities with a short film named The Atelier.

UK-based builder Pearl Yachts has unveiled a new video highlighting its production facilities.

In the short film named The Atelier, which runs at just over three minutes, Pearl Yachts presents the mechanics of its yacht manufacturing process, revealing the brand’s entire supply chain beginning from tooling to joinery, furnishing, the movement through the stainless steel department, painting and finally sea trialling.

“To produce a limited number of high-quality yachts each year is a brand-defining choice that drives us to offer a premium product designed by the world’s most renowned yacht and interior designers,” says the film’s narrator.

“Meticulously engineered and crafted by expert hands obsessed with perfecting every detail. Pearl builds yachts in an oyster, a state-of-the-art production facility that houses the entire supply chain.

“Ensuring world-class quality at every single stage. Only in this way can we keep faith with our mission to offer a yachting experience as unique and prized as the rarest of pearls.”


Founded In 1997, Pearl Yachts is a British producer of luxury motor yachts. The brand, which currently offers the choice of three models, is currently headquartered in the midlands town of Warwick.



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