Mega berth boon

When complete, the new 163-metre superyacht berth at Southport Yacht Club will be the largest in Australia.

15 September 2020


Construction is underway on Australia’s largest superyacht berth at Southport Yacht Club (SYC) on Queensland’s Gold Coast, with the anticipated completion due in time to welcome vessels by January 2021.

At a cost of nearly $9 million, the 163-metre berth is being funded by the Gold Coast City Council, the SYC and the Queensland Government.

The main construction fence has been erected and the site is being prepared for the pontoon piling, which is due to commence 6 October. MGN Civil Pty from Brisbane has been awarded the contract.

The new berth is an integral part of the Queensland government’s Superyacht Strategy to become a major superyacht hub for the Asia–Pacific region by 2023.

There will be a service road running the length of the berth for ease of access for provision, guests, crew, suppliers and maintenance contractors.

Mark Riddell, Waterfront Manager at SYC said, “Our members and local community are watching its progress with great pride and excitement.”


The new berth will attract much larger vessels, up to 135 metres in length, which will be a real boost for tourism in south-east Queensland and the local economy.

Riddell continued, “These superyachts contribute significantly to the destinations they visit, spending big on food, beverage, flowers, other supplies, and creating jobs in the marine service and maintenance sector. They also enjoy sightseeing in the local region, which spreads the spend across all areas of the economy.”



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