Making waves

Nick Stark Design has released designs for a new 98-metre superyacht, named Project Wave.

28 May 2021


“The design is striking in a number of ways,” said Stark. “The interplay of flowing lines draws you in, while the organic shapes of the superstructure volumes reward a closer look at the detail of the design.

“One of the challenges of large-volume yacht design is to not simply create a monolith,” he elaborated.

“The superstructure is comprised of a collection of individual spaces, with volumes that both depart from and reinforce the overall lines of the vessel. The design thus provides intimate spaces amongst the enormous size of the yacht.”

The owner and guest accommodation decks are formed from geometries that provide unique vistas of the yacht’s cruising grounds.

The design of the decks is such that each lounge, cabin, lobby and corridor have differing perspectives of the view, enhancing the sense of sanctuary, privacy and comfort.

Project Wave also provides for intimate deck spaces.


From the wellness centre aft with sweeping views across the glass-floored pool to the world beyond, to the privacy of the owners’ deck with full-beam doors blurring the boundary between outside and in, to the midship garden which is a perfect space for taking in sunset drinks.

Access to all decks is available via a bespoke glazed elevator to port. Naturally the full complement of toys and tenders is ready for action in the huge aft garage, while the forward helideck unfolds to provide a fully compliant landing area.

Technically, the hull builds on 20 years’ experience of designing large, high performance yachts.

“Hull design is a complex, multifaceted discipline,” Stark explained. “And there can be a real temptation to think it’s complete when it’s not.

“There’s a risk of over-optimising one aspect of the process, and not fully apprehending the cost-benefit balance. There needs to be a finely-tuned understanding of the art, simulation, analysis and statistics required.”

The yacht also carries a thoughtful environmental footprint. The hybrid drive allows for low-speed silent cruising, while also providing the environmental and maintenance benefits of load shaving for the generators. The controllable pitch propulsion also maximises the yacht’s efficiency across the speed range.


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