Making a splash

FunAir launches their Superyacht Lagoon Pool - Aussie Edition at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Photography by FunAir

20 April 2017


The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show this year will feature FunAir’s popular Adjustable Yacht Slide, Water Mat, and the launch of the Lagoon Pool – Aussie Edition.

This brand new 3 x 4 metre pool has been designed specifically to inflate the fun for the Australian yachting community during trips on the water with friends and family.

It’s made from a new material so it folds and packs 30 per cent tighter and lighter than industry standard pools. The pool uses a high-grade mat for the netting to keep out even the smallest critters, and it is so fine they’ve added a lockable zipper so water can be quickly released from the pool when it is being packed away. You can also use the adjustable weight system in each corner to accommodate changes in ocean conditions.


FunAir have now also partnered with Australian superyacht suppliers, Marine Riley and Chapman Yacht Management and they stock FunAir inflatable products for yachts, including QuickShip items that can be delivered from website to water in just 72 hours. This is ideal for last minute trips or charter vacations.

FunAir are well-known for their fully custom portfolio of yacht toys as well as being the only inflatable toy manufacturer that can get QuickShip products shipped globally in three days or less.

Since opening in 2013 the company have launched many new to market inflatables. This includes innovations such as climbing walls and the adjustable yacht slides.

Last year they launched Yacht Golf, Yacht Joust and the BigAir Blob which was designed specifically for use in tidal waters.

FunAir’s Lagoon Pool is an exciting new launch to look out for at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.




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