Looking ahead

The new NEEL 52 trimaran is destined for display at Australian boat shows by 2024.

20 July 2022


NEEL Trimarans continues to set new benchmarks in innovation and design with the new NEEL 52. With a racy, modern silhouette, elaborately designed hull and sleek lines, the NEEL 52 exudes power, speed, safety and elegance.

The trimaran accommodates up to twelve passengers yet is easily handled by a small crew.

Courtesy of its three hulls, it is also the only multihull of this size on the market that can offer up to six double cabins and two crew stations as an option.

The Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group have consolidated the key attributes of the acclaimed NEEL 43 and NEEL 47 in the new model: voluminous hull floats that provide stability, high freeboard and a central rockered hull, which facilitates tacking and manoeuvring when in port.

Beautifully spacious and impressively fast, the NEEL 52 is ideal for all cruising programs, including short cruises, extended voyages and competitive racing.


The trimaran features the renowned Cockloon®, an impressive interior/exterior living space that incorporates the shipyard’s Full Beam Cockpit®, an extra-wide cockpit with multiple seating configurations that can be rearranged to take full advantage of different vistas.

The helm station is particularly ergonomic, with its triple seat and seamless access from the cockpit or deck ensuring easy communication between skipper and crew.

The NEEL 52 has also introduced an improved system for simplified lifting and handling of the tender.

The trimaran is available in a range of different layouts to suit private or charter use, including four, five or six cabins, with the choice of the owner’s cabin on one level or a huge saloon, as well as one or two crew cabins.

The open-plan living space is designed on one level and enjoys breath-taking natural light and panoramic views. The NEEL 52’s interior design also features premium furnishings and finishes to create a timeless and elegant space.

Construction mirrors that of the other models in the range, utilising vacuum-infused composite sandwich with triaxial fibre reinforcements, as well as PVC and PET sandwich core foam for enhanced durability.

The first NEEL 52 is expected to be on display at the 2024 Australian boat shows.



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